A googlet a guinea-pig with big googly eyes and wings.
Googlets are cute and cuddly little things, but the one sad thing is if people don’t start buying them then they are going to be extinct so if you buy one then this is what you will need to know.

How to train a googlt

The only thing you ever need to train them is flying!
, which is simple, go to any pet shop and they will give you a book.

What do googlts eat!

A googlt eats all tips of foods hears two of them.
Firstly you can go to pets at home and get googlys food, or you can get TRALOY`S.


1. Cage 2.soudust 3.bed hut 4.hamster-weel

1. a cage to keep your googlt in, a bird cage would be ideal, so it can fly about.

2. Sawdust so that you can easily clean up there mess.

3. A bed-hut so that it can go to sleep in its own bed room.

4. As well as a hamster wheel to keep fit.

Why is a googlt good?

A googlt is a loving and caring animal also it dose not bite, ones you have bought it is yours for ever because when you buy it, it knows not too run away and that takes a worry off your hands well it did for me.


TRALOTS – Tralots is a food made out of worms, maggots and cockroaches and also dog meat in a tin weird right?


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Comment 1 Comment by Elizabeth F on 10 May 12 at 10:08am | Quote this comment
saskia :lol:
. I like the fact that you have put a exponashon marck.
. I like that you have ust a retorikol question and you have BOLD.
I think you should use more verbs and adverbs.
Comment 2 Comment by Saskia N on 10 May 12 at 11:36am | Quote this comment
thanks lizzy i will remember that :lol: :lol: :lol:

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