House hold Tiglatons


Tiglatons are enchantingly beautiful but fiendishly clever, rare and tricksy. They are on the verge of extinction and are practically never seen as pets. But, for the people who are fortunate enough to own one I will write this guide. Another name for the Tiglaton is the Ticlaton they are known as this for they are extremely tickerlish.

what they eat

What they will eat varies a lot; depending on what state of hunger the Tiglaton is in. If they are ravenous then they will eat anything in sight whether it be a sofa a cat or a sausage. They don’t mind. However if they are hungry, not starving, then they will simply eat anything that you give them. Unfortunately they eat for pleasure. Often they will threaten to break something unless you give them food the food they want is usually some sort of rare delicacy that you don’t have. There is nothing you can do about it.

How they look

They vary in almost everything: height, how they dress, length of hair, smelliness of feet and hairiness of toes. But  all chare the characteristics of human like faces, hands, feet and hair furthermore the rest of there body’s hidden by long dresses or robes. They constantly look like they are submerged in water (the way there hair and clothing floats around in the air as if gravity has no effect on them).

Good pets?

 Some say that they are brilliant, intelligent and caring pets that are a pleasure to work with on the other hand some people say that they are a complete nightmare and will do anything to disrupt there owners lives. These rather horrid pets have probably never made the needed connections with there masters.


Ravenous – in a state of food need
Characteristics - visual features of someone or some thing.        


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Comment 1 Comment by Chloe B on 10 May 12 at 11:48am | Quote this comment
Hi Hetty a great chronological report! I like your word choice: ravenous, characteristics and many more. On the third paragraph i love how you`ve added more information useing brackets. As well as that when you mentioned that they are a pleasure to work with. On the othe hand i think you need to read to check for capital letters.
Comment 2 Comment by Hetty P on 10 May 12 at 3:36pm | Quote this comment
:-) Thanks for all the good things you said about my work...
but I only forgot one capital letter wrong. :cry:

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