How to look after Black Goggles

How to look after Black Goggles


Black Goggles are family to chiwawa. They are very rare animals so people need to look after them. If there not pet you’ll find them in the dessert on top of palm trees –with coconuts on them! They have: silky jet black skin, brown eyes and they are truly tiny.


You need to train them constantly otherwise they’ll forget what you’ve told them! Black Goggles basically need to be trained like a dog, like walk round parks and need to be trained to understand there owner however there are extra things. Don’t mate with other dogs, make your pet remember yellow pips.



Black Goggles need to eat a lot., like a fully grown big dog so that means 3 portions a day. Morning: bird seed.Afternoon:bread.Night:caroplot. Your pet should know. Don’t let your animal eat anything between meals.

Extra bits

For Black Goggles you don’t need a lead, only if it’s a baby, so it can breathe properly. Females have yellow noses; males have orange noses. Keep enclosure hot because it is its natural habitat.




Now you know everything about Black Goggles, you could try looking after one your self. Give it a go. Will you become famous? Report from Digar aged 21,it bounced fiercely at me bad pet. Others say they’re gorges.


Caroplat: Honey, carrot, choice of medicine all mixed together. Good for Black Goggles.

Yellow pips: they are pips that are found in the ground they have them at 11:00 in the morning. The pet remembers.

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Comment 1 Comment by Sarah C on 10 May 12 at 11:42am | Quote this comment
Great work Isobel, I like that you put colons before saying what the black goggles ate for every meal. furthermore I like that you have used a rhetorical question in the conclusion. And that you have semi colon in the extra bits.I think you can improve by finding a different word to use instead of always using black goggles.
Comment 2 Comment by Isobel R on 10 May 12 at 7:50pm | Quote this comment
Thank you for the comment. How about these instead of Black Goggles.

. This mysterious animal.
. The endangerd pet.
. The tiny thing.
. The jet black animal.

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