How to look after the Jesus Christ Lizardreptiles

How to look after the Jesus Christ lizard.

The Jesus Christ lizard (J.C.L) was discovered 70 years ago in 1942. But in this time it has been seen by 13 people. It lives in the tropical rainforest. The JCL is a very complex creature. It runs cross the water at 14 miles and hour as a form of defence mechanism. The way it appears to be able to ‘run on water’ is by slamming its legs down hard and fast into the water. When it does sink into the water it only submerges its feet by 3.75 centimeters. If a human was to do this we would have to run at to run at a speed of 65 Mph , which is around 100 Kph ! woe!


J.C.L is a carnivore. In one feeding it consumes two times its body wait that is out standing. It’s diet cossets, . It Dung Beatles and considerably smaller reptiles hunts in the bright , soldering morning sun when Crickets are up and about. All though of Crickets the J C L is fast on water it is considerably slower on land.



J C L is around 7-10 inches tall and around 2-3 centimeters wide. The male gender are brown , dark green and bash their hind legs are 2.73 millimeters. His tail alone is 2 inches . The female gender are the exact same colour as the male except for they don’t have any bash.


The J C L lives in the tropical rain if you are going to recreate this habitat in to a enclosure you will need to take in to account that the J C L take lots of care it will need feeding 3 times a day and an artificial heat light.

So to sum it all together the J C L is an outstanding creature that takes lots of care.


Mph – miles per hour.

Kph – kilometers per hour.

Carnivore – it only eats meat.

Reptiles – cold blooded animal.

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Hi sam I love your non-chronological report! :lol:
The way you have used facts and figures like only 13 people have seen them.I also like the technical vocab you used along with the bracets to make an abreviation known but there is one slight punctuation problem in the second paragraph you have put a commer then a fullslop - you dont need the commer. :-*

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