The Pemperlet-dracular

The Pemperlet-dracular

The Pemperlet-dracular is a gnome sized predator. Not many people come across the Pemperlet-dracular because of its rather nasty appetite!

Disgusting Diet

This tiny creature needs 4 large portions of tosuel an hour! Furthermore, a slurp of mincank is required.

Expert Exercise

5 appropriately lengthed runs a week are compulsory ; should be approximately 5 miles(or 6). It is vital that this creatures toad-like legs has some exercise.

Exiting Extras

Their prickly furs must be brushed twice a week and, I warn you, don’t pick them up or you never no what might happen!


Overall, if you are wanting a Pemperlet-dracular , make sure you put them to bed far away from other animals or you’ll find a blood spatted pillow beside a dead pet and large bellied Pemperlet-dracular!


Tosuel- a milky, disgusting duck paste.
Mincank- a type of coffee and tea mix.

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Comment 1 Comment by Max W on 10 May 12 at 10:06am | Quote this comment
Hi Anna i realy like your noncronilogical report it is realy good how you have used a semmi colon, exclaimation mark and a hiponated word.My growing green for you eould be to add a bit more description.
Comment 2 Comment by Lucy B on 08 Jun 12 at 2:22pm | Quote this comment
Well done Anna! :roll: I really like the literations that you used! :lol:

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