How to look after a jesus christ lizard

How to look after a Jesus Christ lizard

The Jesus Christ lizard (JCL) has to eat living flies or it doesn’t get the nutrients it needs. It’s the same with the spiders and eggs that it eats – these have to be living too. Also a good thing about its food being alive is that it has to chase its food around so this makes sure it gets exercise. But if its food is dead it won’t get any exercise it would just get laze and it will die quicker.

How it survives

If you don’t have a JCL this is how it lives in the wild. If there is a bird scanning for food the JCL can change its skin colour to any soundings. Also if the JCL is getting chaste by a tiger and the JCL is near a lake it can sprint across the water.
This is why it is called the Jesus Christ Lizard. If a
human wanted to run on water he would have to reach a speed of sixty five miles an hour !

The summary

All in all the JCL is a fantastic creature. Also I think the JCL is the best lizard in the entire universe.

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Comment 1 Comment by Jack T on 10 May 12 at 10:00am | Quote this comment
Well done Jamie i like the following things: 1.How you have shotend the name of the lizard. 2. I like the the facts in it there really intresting well done.The only thing is that you have not incloded a glossary? :lol:

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