caring for your Miggy-Mog

Caring for your Miggy-Mog

What are they?

Miggy-Mogs were animals sacred to ancient Greek tribes. For hundreds of years they have been thought to be mythical creatures but now we all know that they are real because we have them as pets! Caring for a
Miggy-Mog is an amazing experience but can be troublesome if the owner dose not know how to look after them. To ensure that will never happen read on.


 These cat like creatures are pink with long thick fur however if they become angry by poor petting skills and get a un-attractive grey tinge to their coat for all eternity. Make sure this will never happen.


This pet’s long fur makes it incredibly hard to live with if it is not brushed
2-4 times per day. A colossal amount of Miggy-Mogs win pet pageants every year with there lush coat.


Miggy-Mogs have a normal cats diet, which includes meat cat biscuits and canned cat food, however instead of plain boring milk they love milkshake!

To conclude, these milkshake- loving animals are sacred to Greek tribes and need to be groomed 2-4 times per day.


Ancient Greek tribes- Greek tribes from thousands of years ago.


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Comment 1 Comment by Jasmine F on 10 May 12 at 10:03am | Quote this comment
WOW. This is a amazing piece of writing. I love how you have put their lush coat, also the word milkshake-loving really sticks out. And great choice of words like tinge and troublesome.
Although i think you need to improve on adding in compound sentences.
Comment 2 Comment by Isobel B on 10 May 12 at 6:07pm | Quote this comment
Thankyou for the comment Jasmine, hows this for a compound sentence:
A collosal amount of Miggy-Mogs win pet pagents every year, therefore their owners become very
rich (if the prize is money!)

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