Tiglerts look like black Chipmunks; they live on sandy banks and are very shy. Only two people have seen them, but there is only one photograph in existence!


Furthermore these animals are very, very rare. They look like jet black chipmunks but their as big as a Yo-yo. They have a little white tuff of hair, which is shaped a Mohican.


As well as that they eat a type of worms called Nail Worms. Unfortunately 90% or nail worms live in the centre of the earth, so they have to be very good diggers. These meat-eaters eat ten worms for every meal!


To conclude Tiglerts are fast agile meat-eaters and are very shy. If you see one call 0987654321.


Nail Worms-a worm that eats metal.
Rare-not many of that thing in the world.
Chipmunks-a furry small animal.

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Comment 1 Comment by Isobel R on 10 May 12 at 7:34pm | Quote this comment
Great work Sarah! I like the fact that you have put in a semi-colon. Also I like the way you have remembered to include a hyphen in yo-yo.And you have used two exclamation marks.However you could improve by using a complex sentence.
Comment 2 Comment by Sarah C on 21 May 12 at 5:07pm | Quote this comment
Thank you for your growing green but I have already put in three complex sentences.

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