The Pengators life

The Pengators life

Pengators live in the far end of the Antartic and do not suffer from the freezing temperature it is there. That is why they have a thick layer of feathers so they can stay warm.


By giving them a little bit of food and saying things to them every time you train them and guide there head round to the position you want them in with the food and let them get used to the movement. Then after a while you have been training them for. When you say the things you want them to do to them then hopefully they will do it (remember to tell them calmly and don’t scare them)


Pengators live aprox 60% of there time in water and 40% in there home on land. Baby Pengators live just in there home until they are capable of swimming and the male Pengators stay in there home on land in there home getting the food for the baby and the family.


In summery this lovely creature is worth the effort to have and is a good animal to keep as a pet and very fascinating to watch it is good to handle also does not bite or hurt you.


would you like to by a pengitor?

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Well done Rachel! :-) I like the brackets that you used and the bold subtittles and the word facinating one growing green add a rhetorical question.

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