Brown Baskit Lizard

How to look after a brown basket lizard

Any (brown bask it lizard) hibernates every 2 years, it only sleeps in the rain forest because it likes the rain there, this amassing reptiles are close to being extinct because of the tribes there BBL are only found in the rain forest. Read on to find out more.


All of the BBL lives at the top of the tallest tree they can find. When they sleep they curl up into a ball. Some times they take stones up into there tree and make a dome shape that they sleep on.

Food and liquid

Like most animals this one is a carnivore. It eats rats, meat, mice and even other lizards 2 the size of it. It can only
Y drinks water because of its allergy’s. If this amassing animal eats a leaf then it will get green bubbles and they will explode.

Weapons and tactics

When another animal tries to eat it the BBL brings out spikes from his back that releases a poisonous gas. He has claws as sharp as knives and teeth that can cut through brown and flesh.


To sum it all up this creature is a deadly creature it can also run on water. Would you have one of these?


Release: To let go of something
Extinct: When a species of animals have died out
Replies: A species


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Comment 1 Comment by Anna G on 10 May 12 at 10:02am | Quote this comment
Hi Max! What a great non-chronological report! I absolutely loved your simile(as sharp as knifes) and your techniquel vocabulary(extinct).My growing green to you would be to add a bit more description.

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