how do you look after a Jesus Christ Lizard

How do you after a Jesus Christ lizard

The Jesus Christ lizard (JCL) loves to run on the glistening water to get away from his pray so they don’t get caught. Read on to find out more!!!


The lizard lives in the ground and he digs very, very fast to get away from his pray. They are the worlds fastest diggers because they get away from there pray they also live in dirt mines also to get away front her pray.


Their diet is very big. They eat any thing from tiny bugs to big bugs and they even eat frazzles .they eat by dropping them and then eating the bugs.


Jcl is very cool when it comes to eating. It eats like a very, very fast human being. They need to eat it very fast because they don’t get eaten by other things.

It is a very, very amazing creature it also takes things. This creature is like magpies because they also like taking things.


Frazzles- it is a very annoying fly
Magpie-it takes things like watches and rings

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Comment 1 Comment by Emily C on 11 May 12 at 7:08am | Quote this comment
i like how you set it up , the glossary and how you call it Jcl my improvident is change the annoying fly good work

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