Looking after Lilks

Looking after lovely Lilks

Lilks are very intelligent creatures. Unfortunately, across the world, there are only 60 left which makes the Lilk an endangered species. This animal has a remarkable talent so read on to find out!

Hardly habitats!

Terrifyingly, these homes (which are called habitats for animals), have been taken away by mischievous, cruel, un-friendly, rubbish men. Although rubbish is polluting the earth, its actually what the Lilks build snooks with! The rubbish will lurk at the bottom of the thick tree trunks with leaves out of sight, making it seem like they’re not even there. Lilks will clamber down with there extraordinary talent to walk on anything! This lets them walk on anything as hot as the sun! The Lilks fetch the rubbish and go back up the tree with it in their loud mouth.

Chomp chomp!

Even though the Lilks like living in rubbish, their diet is the complete opposite. Their diet is mainly made up of emerald-green grass and fresh leaves, with occasional vegetables for treats but if you buy more than one then you have to remember to feed them at the same time or they might try to fight and kill each other!


Harmless, Lilks have spiky sharp Flobs and scaly skin. They have the body of the size of a guinea pig but with 10cm legs!


So to conclude, these vegetable-loving animals are harmless towards humans. I hope this has helped you for the buying of your Lilk, but if you get 2 or more remember to feed them at the same time before they go to bed or they might try to eat each other! This number may also help: 083457621


Endangered species- An animal that there is few of in the world.

Snooks- What the Lilks live in and playing around with friends.

Flobs- Like human and animal teeth but bigger and sharper.

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Comment 1 Comment by Ebony J on 10 May 12 at 10:04am | Quote this comment
Wow Anna! :-) What an amazing non-chronological report! I love the powerful adjectives that you have used, some of them will be going in to my magpie book! I also like the way you have used adverbs at the start of your sentences. I like what level 5 punctuation you have used; well done! The one way you could improve is by maybe making your third paragraph about Appearance a little bit longer. :-)
Comment 2 Comment by Anna B on 11 May 12 at 8:01pm | Quote this comment
Thank you Ebony for all your lovely comments! I will defiantly try and make it longer soon! :lol:

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