The Sweetie Crush

Sweetie Crush

This unusual animal can ONLY be used for a pet. The Sweetie Crush can be a sweetie however, the complete opposite if it doesn’t get it’s own way!


As cut as can be this small shaped animal needs TLC because a certain amount of owners don’t take care of them properly. Sometimes they can be wild also they are pets. If it’s wild then beware they can get very very vicious. However if they are NOT harmed everything would be fine.


A Sweetie Crush needs to maintain its natural level of fitness. Occasionally they digest the wrong food therefore they face the consequences by getting larger and larger. When they are fit and healthy you can obviously see that they are happy because of the fact that their crystal-like eyes turn illumines yellow.


An animal such as the Sweetie Crush can only live on sugar-filled items like: chocolate bars, candy floss, sherbet and lodes more. Roughly in a day they need to be fed three to five times a day else if they only eat one to two times a day they shall die.

To conclude you will find that this creature is; fun, enthusiastic, loving and caring animal to either observe or to own. In the future this animal will hopefully be a hit! Would you want one?


TLC: means tender love and care.



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Comment 1 Comment by Sam M on 10 May 12 at 5:27pm | Quote this comment
Chloe i really like the sentence where you say crystal-like eyes turn illumines yellow also this sentence In the future this animal will hopefully be a hit. My favourite part is whear you put TLC as an abbreviation in stead of spelling it all out. My gg just to include more phrases in the Glossary.

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