How to look after a Wong

Wong’s are beautiful and rewarding animals to look after. They live in underground tunnels what are miles long with all there family which can number to 102, roughly.

What they eat  

They aren’t that fussy at what you feed them. as long as it’s nutritious and doesn’t have sugar in because sugar is poison to them and they will die shortly after eating it. A favourite of there’s is banana and apple blended together with some wholesome oats mixed in.


Wong’s love warm but snug places  so when you next empty a box ,a suitable size, the Wong will absolutely love it and put some bedding in there so they can tunnel downwards and sleep for the night. They should have lots of toys in there cage so they wont get bored easy signs to know that your Wong is bored is when they knaw on the bars on the cage.


Wong’s need to be groomed every two days otherwise there fir will become tough and wont glow at night also their fir will become grey and lifeless. Every month they need to be treated for fleas you can get treatment at your local pet shop or vets.

To conclude

So by now you would of picked up some simple but handy tips about how to look after a Wong. Safely and carefully you and your Wong and live in harmony for a very long time


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Hello William, this is a very good non-chronological report. Furthermore my three tickle picks are that you inculded a sub-ordinate clause, adverbs and verbs. However my growing green is to try and get a time connective.

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