How to look after the Jesus Christ Lizard

The Jesus Christ Lizard

The Jesus Christ lizard- accordingly named for its ability to run fast on water- is an extraordinary amphibious creature. And as an owner for one myself I have all the crucial information for those who have not been lucky enough to be able to see it and look after it.


Constantly damp but light areas are preferred by this lizard due to the fact that: it needs to be able to be near ponds to make sure it has a clear route of escape from its carnivorous predators.

Escape route

These little lizards are practically bottom of the food chain consequently they need a strategy to help them escape from the clasp of predators (such as: Hawks, Eagles and falcons). They do this be running blisteringly fast across a pond or area of water. A human would need to run at 65 mph to achieve this whereas the Jesus Christ lizard only has to reach the speed of 18mph because of its small, light and streamlined body. It can even sprint so fast that he only ever slips knee length below the water.


The Jesus Christ lizard is visually similar to a gecko. However the scales on his body are more flexible and aren’t as protective. Also a fully grown male normally grows his tail up to the length of 8.9 cm and the Gecko grows one of 5.6cm. And perhaps one of its most important asset to its body, its tail, can be lost easily if people pick them up wrongly.

To conclude, the Jesus Christ lizard is a remarkable amphibious creature with one extraordinary mind. I hope this has helped you have a brief introduction to the Jesus Christ lizard. If you have any other queries please call 09999 999999 or go to


Amphibious- Lives on land and in water.
Carnivorous- Only eats meat.

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:lol: Lillie this is really good work i like how you put extra information in the first paragraph I also like the connective "conseqently". Next i also like how you put " The Jesus Christ Lizard is visually simaler to a gecko " That is really good. Lillie I think that the word asset should be in the glossary because some people might not know what it means.

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