How to look after Goggley

How to look after Goggley

Goggley is a Amphibian and is like a lizard but Goggley has massive eyes which can hurt a predator and kill it they can hear a movement from 2 miles away. This is how to look after them:


Goggleys habitat is in water or in grass which makes them amphibians. They move homes often so they get better offers for food. They hibernate so they stay in there homes for a while.


They love Tadpoles to eat it is there favorite food However they eat loads of other things like crickets and shrews. They catch there prey with there big eyes also there smell and there ears.


Next, they come out at night and day but they hibernate in the winter like
other animals there Appearance is quite unusual they sleep just in the morning and wake up in the evening then at night they sleep quite early.


To conclude the animal Goggley should be well looked after all the time they need to be fed. There habitat is in water or in the grass and they come out at night and day. If you want to get a Goggley then please call: 074953 89898 or go to the website:


1. Tadpoles – There frogs babies.
2. Amphibians – They can breath in water and outside of water.
3. Shrews – Little mammals like mice.

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Comment 1 Comment by Lillie W on 10 May 12 at 10:01am | Quote this comment
:Wow Abbie :lol: great non-chronologial report about how to look after a Goggley. The three things I really lliked in your blog were: Your Glossary, the fact you gave extra information about where to go if you wanted to find out more information, and your connectives. How point I'd give you so that you can improve is to check your capital letters and full stops. And to add a complex sentence in somewhere. Perhaps in the introduction.
Comment 2 Comment by Abbie D on 10 May 12 at 5:16pm | Quote this comment
Thank you lillie for the great comments you put.I will try to put a complex sentence in the introduction and I will improve my capital letters and fullstops. :lol:

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