How to look after a enchant coma

How to look after a enchant coma


Having spent most of my life with a enchant coma I know it tags a lot of responsibility so i'm am going to teach you the basics of looking after a enchant coma. Warning never feed they after midnight also never let them go near water.


Although it cant go near water it lives near water on the enchant islands of ticiacy it is very clever and was taught by the master tiech who was the cleverest thing on earth and is the colony master.


They behave very well if you show the enchant coma that you’re the boss but if you act scared of them they will think they are the boss subsequently you wont have as much fun as you could have.


Only feed the enchant coma chicken or any other meat. If you feed it fruit or vegetables they will create a enchant coma evil army witch will destroy were you live and your town. WARNING NEVER FEED IT AFTER MIDNIGHT!! Good luck.Do you want one of these animals


To conclude this is a lovely meat loving creature remember NEVER FEED IT AFTER MIDNIGHT AND NEVER LET IT GO NEAR WATER



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Comment 1 Comment by Oliver H on 10 May 12 at 10:05am | Quote this comment
Hi Dylan I like the fact that you put in capitals what you should do and what it should not do.Also I like where it says warnig never feed it after midnight then you put two explanatoin makes. Also you put now i will teach you the basics. Dylan try and put A Retorical qestion next time.
Comment 2 Comment by Dylan B on 11 May 12 at 3:13pm | Quote this comment
Ok thanks for cometing

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