The Beastly Bintosourous.

Bintosourouses are very fierce creatures that are mostly found in the deepest part of the Australian outback. They are highly venomous animals that can kill their pray in one tiny bite!

                                                  Food and Drink.

Binto’s have to eat and drink to survive, just like humans, it is highly important that they get the right diet. They like to eat certain types of snake, however if they eat the wrong type of snake the snakes strong venom can kill them instantly. This magnificent beast also likes to eat creepy spiders, black and yellow lady birds and bees, but NOT wasps as all Bintosourouses are allergic to them and wasps could possibly kill them.


These fascinating creatures are well known for their appearance. Baby Binto’s average height is 4 foot tall, therefore when they are full grown adults they can grow up to an amazingly tall 8 foot! They come in all different bright colours, some are even multi-coloured. Binto’s also have delicate,  smooth fur.


These creatures are found in the Australian out back(next to New Zealand), because Binto’s come from Australia they are used to the boiling hot weather, however they do like a nice cold ‘bath’ after being in the bright sun all day. When living alone in the out backs of Australia they hunt for their own food which is a rather difficult task as they cannot tell which animals are poisonous. Some Binto’s are kept as pets after they have had their venom removed.

To conclude, I hope that this has helped you to learn about Bintosourouses and how to look after them properly, so that your fuzzy friend will be healthy and happy! Do you have any questions about your Bintosourous? Call us on 12345 67890.



                                       Venom – A sticky liquid that can kill people.


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Wow! An amazing non chronoligical report! These are the 3 things that I like the most:
The first thing I saw and liked was your compound sentence in the second paragraph. Also, all of your descriptive language all over. The thing I liked the most was your brackets that you used in the habitat paragraph. My growing green for you would to be to put a hyphonated word in there :-)

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