How to look after a Jesus Christ Lizard

How to look after a Jesus Christ Lizard

The Jesus Christ lizard is a REALLY fast lizard that can run on water. So this is how to look after one. It is really hard to see one of these because it lives really far down in some places of the world.



This amazing animal will eat any kind of leaf. But be careful NOT to feed him the stinging nettle leaf because it could poison him and he could die if you’re not careful – don’t you want your lizard to stay alive?


The Jesus Christ Lizard, which is claustrophobic, likes to live in the open where it is nice and hot. Therefore it would be a good idea to keep him in a cage on a windowsill, or somewhere where it is open to the sun.


One of the most important things this animal needs is exercise so that he can run on water. So feed him the right amount of leaves for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Do that every day.

Running away

So this is amazing animal overall. But not the prettiest animal but really good to watch. So now you have read the report do you want one now?


Claustrophobic – Something that lives in a small place.
Habitat - something that lives in a place.

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Comment 1 Comment by Dylan B on 10 May 12 at 9:58am | Quote this comment
Hi Oliver you have done some great work i love the time conective thefore and the retorical questoin i loved the word claustrophobic but i recon you could of got a comepoud were it says therefore.
Comment 2 Comment by Oliver H on 11 May 12 at 5:53am | Quote this comment
Ok Dylan thanks for letting me know, I will try next time.

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