The U.L.A

The U.L.A

U.L.A stands for underwater, land and air because it can fly, swim and walk. A U.L.A is an Amphibian, most humans will be overwhelmed to meet one since they are always on the move. Seeing as they are nocturnal you will be very lucky to find one. You will have to catch them early in the morning or late at night.


Most U.L.As is black with a red stripe down their back and tail. However they are not tall at all. U.L.As has curly ginger hair that cascades down their tiny little neck. A pointed tongue rests in their huge mouth, just below their bright green eyes.


They only eat non-living things (such as grass and leaves) therefore it is not a predator and is a herbivore. However it is hunted by many animals like the Lion, Vultures and Sharks.


Most U.L.As live in the highest of trees were they can not be spotted. This is a huge benefit to them letting them fly up, swoop down to the water or jump to the land.


To conclude this plant loving animal is not the prettiest animal in the world but don’t judge a book by its cover because it is most magnificent to watch!


Amphibian – An animal that can breathe underwater and in air.

Nocturnal – When an animal sleeps in the day and is awake in the night.

Predator - an animal that eats other animals.


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Comment 1 Comment by William Sa on 10 May 12 at 10:04am | Quote this comment
Archie this is a very good blog Ilove the choice of words you have chosen especially the word cascade. also before i read your blog i didnt know what U.L.A meant but you have told the reader what it means. your choice of hyphonatad word ,non-living,is really good.
your improvement would be if you could write a bit nore on some of the paragraphs,eating and habitat,

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