The Jesus christ lizard

The Jesus Christ lizard

The Jesus Christ Lizard (JCL) is a good pet. Hopefully you’ll find this guide helpful for looking after a JCL.


These Little critters are truly amazing! They can walk on water. These are amazing creatures.


These creatures look scaly with prickly backs there skin is ruff they have long tows and dark eyes which look like there filed with wonder?


It normally eats bugs it loves beetles especially big fat juicy ones.


They normally are fond in jungles they live in trees near water as well to keep away from prettier.


So I hope you have fond this guide helpful but if you do get a (JCL) look after “it!”

Lizard: reptile live on land commonly fond in jungles
Appearance: what it looks like.



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Comment 1 Comment by Jamie C on 10 May 12 at 10:08am | Quote this comment
Well don! Jack the best perts i found were. Was you put acronyn also you put pouergrafs the best thing i found of all was. If i had a jesus christ lizerd i wad now wat to do. I think you could of used is a rhetorical question.

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