Talking to the Dead: Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Court

I woke up from my dream where I was back at home with Molly and mum and we were happy but the thing that made me wake up was my mum because she was never happy only evil. I climbed out of my bed and fell into the shower and washed my hair with a scented shampoo. I heard someone come into the bedroom to place my clothes I guessed but I got out of the shower and wrapped the towel tightly around my body and trudged into the bedroom to find the maid laying my clothes across the chair, she heard me come in and spun around looking shocked.

“I’m sorry Madame I didn’t mean to get in your way… I mean I was only putting out your clothes … sorry!” she spluttered and ran out of the door and I could only stare after her.

I guessed the king had picked out my clothes because there sitting patiently sat an ocean-blue dress which went down my to my knees. I had to admit I looked amazing, stunning and outstanding. I put my hair in a neat plait, which went all the way down to my hips. I quickly slipped the dagger into my pocket just in case I had to use it and I put on my silver locket that my sister had given me. I skipped out of the chamber and down the stairs but I was going so fast I couldn’t stop and suddenly I came crashing into the chambers. It was dark purple with sliver satin curtains and there stood in the corner was Ruebis.

“I’m sorry I was taking a look around the palace and I must of stumbled in here by mistake!” I lied but I did wonder why he was always in the corner?

“It’s ok, did you sleep well? I know I didn’t.” He looked up and smiled as he spoke and I must of blushed again because he started laughing.

“No I didn’t sleep that well I had a nightmare I guess about... Molly but why didn’t you sleep?” I murmured and looked down at the wooden floor.

“I had a lot on my mind to worry about,” he said and walked towards me…

“MASTER RUEBIS AND LADY INDIGO, BREAKFAST,” the cook cried from the floor below. And with that we plodded downstairs towards the dinning room where we were greeted by King Albert and were placed in the golden seats.

“Today miss Indigo we will take a visit to the Court rooms to see the public because they need to see the royal family once in a while so you will be our guest ok?” he smiled and all I could do was smile back sheepishly but I wouldn’t have to stand for it much longer…

“Papa would I have to come? Because you know I hate the court rooms,” Ruebis asked while eating his scrambled eggs.

“Nonsense of course you will come along with Indigo,” The king smiled and we were to leave straight away without delay. A fine sliver carriage turned up in front of us with four white horses and I knew today would be hell! The streets were filled with girls screaming for Ruebis to marry them-What weirdo’s! But Ruebis only smiled.

“This is really embarrassing… sorry!” He turned a scarlet colour and tried to hide his face.

We entered the Courtrooms filled with pompous rich people who had come here on a day trip. They wore pink puffy dresses. We walked to the seats at the top. Then I found out what they were about to talk about, how to get rid of all the witches in Courtshire - my mother was a witch!

“Calm yourself Indigo, you just have to face it,” Ruebis said under his breath. “They are all demons inside, that’s why I hate coming here,” he continued.

“Really? I thought it was because of your lovers outside!” I teased and we laughed.

We climbed up the marble stairs to sit on the top row and at that moment a plump, bold man stood up, and began to talk. “The problem today is the witch’s children because they are causing trouble with their objects that can do terrible things, every child made by a witch is given an object, and it can be anything from a vase, to a locket,” the man said and I began to feel uncomfortable and all heads turned to me, I stared at the locket that hung from my neck. The king stood up to talk.

“Indigo, you are a witch’s daughter and that locket is very deadly so I suggest you give it to me for safe reasons to protect yourself,” he smiled and still I was heart struck, that they were saying that my sister’s locket was deadly?
"Are you saying that my sister’s locket is dangerous and you want to take it away from me? Well I’m sorry, but I can’t give it to you because your wrong, its just as stupid locket.”
I was so puzzled. What were they talking about?
“Indigo dear, the locket is DEADLY because it can talk to the dead so you need to give it to me NOW!” he boomed. The king and I felt the court room fall into a terrifying silence. I didn’t know what to do, the guards that came closer towards me and I made a quick decision and ran for it!

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Herring on 14 Mar 12 at 5:39pm | Quote this comment
The plot thickens! Thanks for typing up this most recent chapter Esther - I am gripped by the relationship she has with Reubin and the way it is developing, as well as the introduction of new magic items. I'm already looking forward to chapter 5 next week!
Comment 2 Comment by Mr Ryan on 14 Mar 12 at 7:09pm | Quote this comment
Esther, you know I'm already a fan of your writing as I've avidly read the previous 3 chapters awaiting for this instalment - and it doesn't disappoint! Like Mr Herring, I'm intrigued by the love-hate relationship and now with the addition of a 'magic locket' you've stepped it up a gear and left us on a very steep cliffhanger. One request: not too long for the next chapter.... please!

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