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Skellig is a brilliant book about a boy named Michael who finds a mysterious man named Skellig inside his rickety-old falling-down garage. Michael meets Mina, his new next door neighbour, who helps Michael nurse the mysterious man back up to health using 27 and 53 from the Chinese take-away! In the meantime Michael’s baby sister falls deeply ill and is unbearably close to dying, but she never gives in. Then Mina and Michael discover the wings on old Skellig’s shoulder blades. He is an angel - but can he help Michael’s baby sister return to full health? My favourite character had to be Skellig because he is resilient to get back in to the sky. This book is brilliant for all ages of 7+. It is very emotional although lovely at the end. I would definitely rate it 5/5 for the reason being that it teaches an important lesson in life of resilience.

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Herring on 09 Mar 12 at 3:38pm | Quote this comment
Jude and Simon - a really good book review - you have outlined the plot without giving away the ending, you have used engaging vocabulary and some more complex punctuation. Well done! I also like the way you tell us how we might benefit from the book - a lesson in resilience. Keep up this level of writing in Guided Reading!

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