Survival Skills - Guided Reading Quiz

In Guided Reading over the last 2 weeks some of you have been reading a book titled 'Survival Skills'. Here are 15 quick-fire questions to see how many answers you can remember or track down in the book over the next few minutes. 5 Team Points and 3 Table Points for the person who scores the highest! Although, be careful - you will lose marks for poor spelling and basic errors (e.g. full stops and capital letters)!

1. Name 3 tools that can be found on a Swiss Army Knife.
2. How could a mirror help if you got lost on a hike?
3. In 1972 a plane crashed in the Amazon jungle, but where was the survivor from?

4. Why can new boots turn a dream hike into a nightmare?
5. Fill in the gaps: The sun rises in the .... and sets in the .... .
6. What information do rescuers need incase of emergency?
7. After being attacked by a bear, how far did Hugh Glass crawl to find help?
8. Name 2 items that can be used to signal for help.
9. What does GPS stand for?
10. Why should young children hug a tree if they get lost?
11. What did Aron Ralston do in order to break free after a boulder fell on his arm?
12. Fill in the gaps: Breathable fabrics are .........., but allow ..... to evaporate from the body.
13. Name 2 of the conditions that wearing a hat can help prevent.
14. What 3 high energy foods begin with the letter 'B'?
15. What do you call a waterproof sheet that can be folded and carried in a rucksack?

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Comment 1 Comment by Iris A on 09 Mar 12 at 10:20am | Quote this comment
1. saw, tin opener, knife
2. you can signal for help.
3. germany
4. you can get blisters.
5. west.... east
6. how long it will be untill your saved.
7. 100 miles
8. mirror. whissle
9. global, posiioning system.
10. to stay safe in a ploace.
11. break his bone
Comment 2 Comment by Hannah D on 09 Mar 12 at 10:22am | Quote this comment
2.It can show the rescuers were to go. 3.Germany. 4.You can get blisters.
5.Rises east and sets west.
6.They need to know your name,who to contact and your medical condition.
7.160km (100 miles).
8.Bandannas and plastic bags.
9.Global positioning system.
10.Its a simple way for children to stay in one place.
11.Break his bone.
Comment 3 Comment by Ellie S on 09 Mar 12 at 10:22am | Quote this comment
1.Tin opener,Knife and a saw.
2.A mirror could help signaling to each other.
3.The teenager was from Germany.
4.Because if you have not tested them then youmight get big blisters
5.The sun rises in the East and sets in the West.
6. Surviers need the infomation of the first steps of medical knowledge.
7. 100 miles.
10.Because it is easyer for people shearching to find someone if they are still.
Comment 4 Comment by William St on 09 Mar 12 at 10:22am | Quote this comment
q1) Saw tin operner and a hook.
q2)A mirror can reflect the sun, it is used for signaling.
q3) Germany.
q4) Becaus they might not fit giving you blisters.
q5)The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.
q6) Health and personallity.
q7) 100 miles.
q8) Whistle and a mirror.
q9) Globel positioning system.
q10) Because it is hard to find someone that is moving.
q11) He cut his arm off.
q12) Light but allow sweat to avaporate.
q13) Hpothermian and sun sroke.
Comment 5 Comment by Jolie F on 09 Mar 12 at 10:22am | Quote this comment
1.Tin opener,saw and a hook
2.To signal with it.
4.Because you can get blisters.
5.The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.
6.They need infomation about how to do medical thigs.
7.100 miles
Comment 6 Comment by Mr Herring on 09 Mar 12 at 3:36pm | Quote this comment
I've just looked through all your answers from Guided Reading this morning, taking into consideration basics (capital letters/full stops/spellings), and we have joint winners! Well done to William and Hannah! I'll put up 3 Table Points each and you can add 5 Team Points on Monday morning. Well done on a focussed 15 minutes of Guided Reading.

Ralph and Ben - did you manage to post your answers?

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