Percy Jackson versus Will Treaty

Percy takes on will, but who is better? On Percy’s side there is his magical sword riptide and the power to control and use water to will. But will has also got some tricks up his sleeve. His ranger skills, like unseen movement and tracking, help a lot. Also his deadly speed and accuracy with his longbow along with the skill using his two knives, will make him a very deadly enemy. In this head to head clash who do you think should win? Read on to find out. Read on to help make your decision.

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Herring on 02 Mar 12 at 8:34am | Quote this comment
Alec, a really good introduction with lots of interesting words and phrases to keep the reader engaged e.g. tricks up his sleeve, unseen movement and tracking, deadly speed, head to head clash - excellent stuff!

To improve this even further I wonder whether you could edit in some background information for people who have no idea who Will Treaty is (including me)! What books does he appear in?

Plus, make sure ALL names have capital letters!

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