Talking to the Dead: Chapter 3

Chapter 1: Tricked!
Chapter 2: Courtshire Castle
Chapter 3: Dinner time!

I woke up suddenly to find I was in a rich, cosy bed with aqua-blue covers and purple pillows. The chamber was painted blue and yellow with beautiful patterns, I took a glance at my watch, 5.00pm. I had an hour before that horrible dinner. I got out of the bed and almost ran towards the shower, the last time I had a shower was three months ago so I was pretty desperate. I felt the boiling hot water touch my dirty skin and I felt at home. I finally left the shower and grabbed a towel and went into the bedroom and there sat neatly was a beautiful skirt and shirt. The skirt was soft, short and dark blue with rosy pink flowers on it and the shirt was a maroon colour. My hair finally dried so I could put it up in a braid - still casual! There was a quiet knock on the door and I spun around and grabbed the door handle, there patiently stood was a girl, who was the maid, with dark brown hair flowing down her waist.

Er…hello, I’m Linda and I’m your personal maid, the King wants you to go down now so follow me please,” she urged like she would get killed if I didn’t come.

We walked along the corridors and down the spiral stairs that twisted and turned. We arrived in the dinning room, where the King was wearing a grey and sliver suit and a gold chain around his fat neck and a hat to cover his thinning hair. There stood in the left corner was Reubis! He was wearing a ocean-blue shirt and some expensive black trousers. His moon-like face darkened in the torch light and his waving golden hair glimmered.

Swiftly and quietly, I scrambled to the nearest seat and sat down and the chair was carved in gold with a sliver lining. They all sat down even the courtesies with their puffy dresses. There was silence until one man cleared his throat and started to blabber on about how fine this country is. I took a risky glace at Reubis only then to relise that he was glaring at me and probably wondering why I hadn’t killed him yet.

“So Reubis, did you catch this fine creature? Because I hear they are very hard to catch,” an ugly looking woman said, who was inspecting me like I was dirt.

“Yes, me and my men caught Indigo at last because she likes to run away and take stuff that is not hers but my father and I very pleased to see her,” Ruebis replied and again gazed down at his bowl. My lips sealed as I longed to whip out my knife and cut his throat - but that wasn’t going to happen- not yet anyway!

Then the King interrupted the talk.

“There is to be no more talk on Indigo, but I don’t understand why you haven’t tried to defend when my dear friends are insulting you?” the King the muttered while getting up from his seat and wandering over to the massive window which over looked the garden.

“Albert, you know that I keep my mouth shut when needed too but it looks like your friends don’t know how to behave,” I smiled as I enjoyed the guests titter in disgust. Reubis smiled as well as if he knew something I didn’t and I was going to find out.

Suddenly the doors crashed open and a plump man waddled in.

“Dinner is served your majesty!” he called and at that moment five tall, handsome men came striding in serving different people different things like the ugly woman got ham and leek soup and the King roast beef with Hutchinson Finest Gravy. I got a leg of lamb with milky gravy with a side dish of roasted tomatoes. My mouth started watering as I gazed at my food and then I began digging into the lamb, it was mouth watering as it melted in my mouth and I couldn’t stop eating. I pilled food into my mouth and before long it was gone!

“Well you ate that quickly, I haven’t even started on my main meal yet. How long have you gone without food Indigo?” Reubis asked looking shocked at my eating skills. Heat rushed into my cheeks as I felt them go red.

“Um…well three months since my last proper meal down in the Fowl pug in Woodshire but I do like the food but I am thinking when you’ll be putting me to work again?” I spluttered as I could feel my face drop but the King simply smiled and said no work was here for me. The old grandfather clock chimed 8.00pm and the King stood up along with the rest of us.

“Thank you for this lovely evening and please will you return to your chambers,” he sighed as everyone left the room. “But Reubis please accompany Indigo to her room because there are a lot of corridors to follow…well off you go,” the King urged as me and Reubis starred blankly at each other but we did disobey the King so Reubis took my arm and dragged me out of the room.

“You like to say what you think don’t you? And you don’t let anything hold you back!” he smiled as I swear I blushed.

“Well if you want to say something why should anyone hold you back? But I do not want to turn out like those friends of Albert’s,” I said glumly because sometimes I wanted to kill Reubis and other times I wonder how I could ever think that and anyway what was the harm in liking Reubis? But he was hiding something and I just had to find out what.

“What I don’t understand is why you haven’t tried to kill me and my father yet because of the deaths of Firina and dear Molly?” he mumbled as we started to climb the daunting stairs.

“Well I have thought about it but I don’t blame you on Molly’s death because you didn’t kill her but I will take revenge on the King and don’t try and stop me but I hate you for killing Firina but I know why you did it and I wont kill you for it,” I smiled even though this wasn’t the time to smile. Firina had been my best friend when I was here being an apprentice to the King but she had helped me escape and for that Reubis had killed her.

“Well I’m sorry for what I did but I knew something you didn’t about her and I couldn’t let you know so she had to die,” he whispered as we returned to my chambers. I asked what she had hidden from me but he only smiled and left me standing in the doors of my chambers. I wanted to know what he knew, I was desperate that it was torture trying to get to sleep. So many questions buzzed around my head and at that moment I drifted off into a heavy sleep…

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Awesome. When is the next chapter coming out? i like how you wrote differently for different people speaking. :lol:

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