6 o'clock

It was mid summer on one sunny afternoon when I thought I'm going on an adventure I don’t know when and I don’t know how BUT I will. I packed some jelly babies, coke and a torch, oh and also some things to keep me warm. I quickly ran out side and said, "Bye," to mum she responded with ,"yeah ok but be very careful and remember to be back by 6 O'CLOCK,"," ok yeah sure I shouted excitedly,". I found a near bye beach and a abandoned old rowing boat I took it I know its bad but I did not feel proud with myself and I don’t want to.

I sailed of when suddenly up ahead I saw a very big gigantic boat I better hide I took out my blanket and put it on top of me. That was when they were coming closer and closer until they were to close I cautiously pulled my soft blanket off me and sure enough they were pirates.

They pulled me off my boat like I was a slave. They put me in a freezing cold damp dusty old room. When suddenly one of the pirates stormed through loud and fierce. I noticed a deep scar on his unshaven scary face. His tatted greasy hair wafted around everywhere washing the clear nature smelling air away and filled it with rotten egg and cheese. Quietly I asked the scary pirate what their name was and the important question WHY they took me. He bellowed back at me," what has it got to do with you," and left me in the room to die.

The day did come I was thin as a stick I was shaking like there was an earthquake I had no food or water for 2 months id been living of the old brown peeling bark to the side of me . I thought there’s still a chance of me surviving only if the search party that mum sent will find me if she even did. And at that very moment I collapsed and died. When I first turned into a ghost I took revenge on the pirates and haunted them for the rest of their lives. Until the day came when they also died they went to not heaven but the bad place its called doomvile. Serves them right. A ghost also can’t live forever the last things I said before I was about to go for ever was," mum im sorry I wish you could be with me at this very moment but the thing is next time never say 6 o’clock because I will never ever return," .


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Comment 1 Comment by Lucy T on 24 Feb 12 at 9:48am | Quote this comment
WOW! i love the ending, "next time never say 6 o’clock because I will never ever return" its an amazing story, i love it! :lol:

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