A Classic Story!

Guess what?! I’m going to see the famous legend: Tasmin Little! And best of all, to put the cherry on top, the concert is in the mind-blowing O2 arena! I cannot contain my excitement!

Look, I know perfectly well that you haven’t heard of her, and quite frankly, I couldn’t care less! Everybody (and I mean everybody!) loves all the latest music in the charts, they talk of people I have never heard of! The amazing Rhianna, the tantalizing Take that, and so on. I don’t have a clue who any of these people are!

Whereas, I have a passion for slower moving classical music to clear all my worries away, my favourite artist being: Tasmin Little, I just adore the way she uses her violin to express her feelings and emotions, as well as producing , mind blowing music to entertain the thousands of supporting fans like me. (Don’t mock, I know its mostly old granny’s and grampy’s.)

The way the melody flows, just makes me feel….. Awake and alive! And most importantly, It invites me into a different world. A world where music-lovers like myself, can roam around together and feel excepted with other people for once.

All of my friends tease me about my love of ‘strange music’ that’s what they call classical music, but I think that pop music in the charts is ‘strange music’. Nobody I know has the same love as me until yesterday, when everything changed.

It was a normal tiresome day in school, until Mr Peters sat us all down and asked us kindly with his rough tired-out voice, if tomorrow we could all bring in our favorite music, and don’t get me started on all the rules he pronounced! ‘It has to be shorter than four minutes, however, it has to be longer than two minutes, it must have NO bad or disruptive language’ he said, emphasizing the last bit, whilst staring strait at Fred Underwart! He was trouble, but apparently he is classed as cool!

Immediately, Shannon and Jodie started whispering about what they were going to bring in. I heard the two words Jay-z and Tinie temper! Who are these people?!

After a sleepless might worrying about what everyone’s opinion would be in my music, it was finally time to find out!

A few minutes went by; a few people had their turn, until it was finally my turn. I waited for a few very nerve-racking seconds. I heard one bar of beautiful classical music, then when I was about to go of into my world, I heard the class in hysterics.

A few more minutes went by, and it was Fred’s turn, Just before his music started, I heard someone say “this is going to be more like it!”

Can you imagine my joy when it started playing? It was Beethoven! Fred turned and winked at me, a huge Cheshire-cat  grin spread across my face, It was going to be a good day!

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Comment 1 Comment by Lucy T on 24 Feb 12 at 9:41am | Quote this comment
Well done, I love your story. I especially love the way you descibed the grin as "a cheshire-cat grin". I also like the continuing joke of his/her not knowing about all the famous pop artists, and rappers!
Comment 2 Comment by Lauren J on 26 Feb 12 at 7:25pm | Quote this comment
I love it Emily! I "adore" the way you made the story come out in the end it was great! :lol:

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