Teleporting Camera!

Jimmy, who is nine years old, was casually walking along the stone-grey pavement to school when suddenly a camera fell out of the sky and landed millimetres from his large feet. He screamed in surprise as it nearly hit his shoes. When he recovered, he scooped up the camera and out of curiosity, took a picture. When he looked at the picture of the warehouse he was instantly teleported there.

So when Jimmy saw his school, Parkland Junior C of E, he tested it again. He took a picture of his school grounds and was again instantly teleported through a swirl of aqua-blue and jet-black into his school playground!

Then when it was half term he went on holiday with his Mum and Dad to New Zealand. The flight took twenty four hours. When they got off the plane Jim saw a massive roller coaster that he wanted to go on he asked his dad but his dad said definitely not.

When they left he was very sad but when Jimmy remembered his camera his spirits were lifted. When he was in New Zealand he discovered a new attribute of the camera when he zooms out he goes up to half an hour back in time when he zooms in he goes up to half an hour forward in time.

Happily and lively, Jim got off the plane and was back in England. Two days later he was bored and had nothing to do but sit around looking out of his window because he was grounded then very fond memories of New Zealand came back to him making him want to go on that ride his dad didn’t let him go on. So he picked up his camera, chose the picture of the theme park and was this time teleported in a few seconds, still through an aqua-blue and jet-black portal, to New Zealand.

The particular ride he wanted to go on was the biggest in the theme park called THE THUMPER!!!!! .Whilst he was at the very peak of the ride he dropped the camera and it smashed into one million pieces just as he got off the ride he started crying his eyes out because he was stuck in New Zealand with no food nor money and his biggest mistake he left his phone at in his bedroom. Will he ever get back to his parents? …

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Comment 1 Comment by Joseph M on 24 Feb 12 at 9:36am | Quote this comment
Brilliant! I like the description about the whirlpool of colour around him. 10/10 :lol:
Comment 2 Comment by Harry W on 24 Feb 12 at 9:39am | Quote this comment
Great idea for a story I think the teleporting camera was well descricribed :lol:
Comment 3 Comment by Jude W on 24 Feb 12 at 9:41am | Quote this comment
Awesome story Alfie! I liked the bit where he drops the camera and is stuck in New Zealand.

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