Camel's Bump

Hi, my name is Chris E and I am a vampire mummy. Not like a mummy mummy but an scary mummy, one that is already dead. I don’t really want to be a vampire but I do really like blood so I usually get my dad to get it.

When I was young, very young, I accidently bit my dad and he cut my cheek, that’s why I have got blunt teeth and a horrible rotting deep scar. I also have to wear a gold skirt and a horrible pink t-shirt. I look like a girl. I have a red blood stain that is in the shape of a flower. That makes me look more like a wet girl.

Well, time to get to the story. I was walking in the desert one day and I kept hearing moo moo noses, then I saw a weird looking donkey. It was black and white, it also smelled a bit funny and behind it was a big trail of something...

Well I don’t really to know what it was, it had fly’s all over it and it absolutely stank. I new it wasn’t a camel because it didn’t have a bump and its bottom was enormous, so I thought it’s definately a donkey. I climbed on its back, then I turned into the camels bump. I turned into a camel, I thought like a camel, I even smelt like a camel.

I was trapped inside a camel, but the worst thing was, I still looked like a smelly girl even though I was the smelly one. How am I going to show up at home and ask what’s for tea? They would probably scream then take me to the dreaded stable and put a tattoo on my backside and even give me a girls name. So I thought I’ll take the risk.

Its not fair! How come I’m the camel. Oh I wish I didn’t sit on the smelly black donkey. Suddenly I had an idea, if I went into the palace and asked the oracle about my fate, but the only problem was I couldn’t remember how.

I can’t remember my name, I don’t now how I got here, who am I? Then I looked behind me, like magic the palace was there but with no guards so, I stomped in with no problem and there was the Oracle!

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