The Stalker in the Woods

Jasper stepped out of the snug, thatched cottage into the misty, cold countryside. Jasper was a thirteen year old boy with a slim build. The morning sun was just clambering up into its domain, sending rays of light to pierce the dark. With bow in hand Jasper started down the, rocky, bumpy lane.

He was hunting for small game to feed himself for the day. He was heading for a wide field that was bordering the forest. This forest was protected by rough, sturdy trees that surrounded the woodland, a perfect defence. As Jasper closed in on the field his spirits were soaring and almost in harmony the sun made another jump in the sky and covered it in well welcomed light. He stepped out from underneath the shadow of the hedges and into the field and the sight he was greeted with was a wonderful one.

Green grass tainted with a touch of frost and droplets of water, like a field of mini mountains. Golden–yellow buttercups pushing to show their true beauty. Jasper had keen eyes and now he scanned the country side for a decent meal. A pure white hare poked its expressionless face out from the grass. It to was searching for food, the freshest grass in the field. Sensing it was distracted Jasper placed an arrow on his bow with the razor-sharp tip shimmering in the sun light. Pulling the string back to full length he let the arrow go flying through the air straight to the poor hair who hadn’t noticed the deadly point before it was to late. With a satisfying thud, the arrow dug into the creature’s chest before it collapsed on the ground, lifeless. With a wide grin spreading across his face, Jasper strolled over to the kill and strapped the limp body to his belt. Now looking around he felt a chill run down his spine as he got the strange feeling that he was being watched. With this thought now in his head, Jasper glanced around nervously but just saw the normal countryside. He tried to throw the thought away but it still lingered at the back of his mind. Not wanting to stay in the field any longer Jasper swivelled round and headed to the shadows of the country lane. With just a few meters’ to go, a rustle of leaves caught his attention and his pace quickened slightly. Nearly there. Suddenly a cloaked figure stepped out of the thick woods, blocking his path. Advancing slowly the stranger pulled out a heavy, dented club. Seeing the weapon Jasper yelped in surprise and fear. Jasper was frozen by fear for a few short moments but when the stranger kept on advancing he made an uncontrolled turn and sprinted towards the woods. He hit the forest at full pelt with questions buzzing around his head but fear kept him focused on running. Branches hit his face like whips but that didn’t bother him. The trees were thinning around him. Abruptly he came to the edge of the woods and back into the open. He skidded to a halt. When he looked down his feet were millimetres away from a canyon edge! But when he turned that thought left him for his attacker was right in front of him. With one blow of the club Jasper was knocked out. He awoke sweating in his bed, in his house. He felt a surge of relief as he wondered whether it had all been just a bad dream, but when he looked in the mirror there was a throbbing bruise on his head...!

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Herring on 23 Feb 12 at 9:19pm | Quote this comment
A fantastic short story Alec! You set the scene brilliantly by introducing both the setting and the main character with well chosen descriptive language. Well done!
Comment 2 Comment by Simon A on 24 Feb 12 at 9:31am | Quote this comment
Wow Alec, brilliant story, i loved how you described the field "Like a field of mini mountains".
Comment 3 Comment by Alfie G on 24 Feb 12 at 9:31am | Quote this comment
Amazing story Alec i love how you left it on a cliffhanger. :lol:
Comment 4 Comment by Joseph M on 24 Feb 12 at 9:32am | Quote this comment
I really like this! the description of the grass being like mini mountains is fantastic :lol:

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