A Night Alone

It’s quite a warm day I thought to myself as I lifted my legs to stand on all fours. Suddenly I heard a thudding of feet, and then a loud deep voice said “Time to get up, come on Sandy”. I immediately knew he was calling for me. Excited about who it might be I pitter pattered over to the cage window. The bright sun was blazing into my eyes, I could just make out a shadowy figure. As my dark-black eyes adjusted to the brightness of the sun, I began to make out a familiar face! It was my Dad. Well, he’s not really my Dad but I like to call him Dad because I never knew my real one. We are not very alike, he is as tall as a tree and I’m about the same size as a hot dog, he has fur on his head and I have fur all over! In case you haven’t guessed I’m a ferret, and my dad is a human.
Dad opened the cage door, he had a small black bag in his hand. He whispered “It’s alright, we’re just going hunting again, like the last time - remember? I have to carry you in the bag”. My mind went back to the last time we went hunting for rabbits, and I remembered. Excited, I launched myself into the bag, Dad zipped it up nice and tight, and we were off… The journey was long, when Dad opened the bag a gush of warm air rushed in. The boiling hot sun made my fur tingle. Dad put me on the ground and said “Now go flush some of those rabbits out and then bring them back to me, ok”.
I sprinted down the warren, it was scary, cool and the only light came from the entrance. I triumphed on, I was doing this for Dad. Suddenly I heard a screeching sound coming from deep in the warren. I thought it might be a rabbit, I followed the sound and there it was, staring at me. With one swipe of my claw and a well placed bite it was all over and I feasted on rabbit. After my dinner I lay down and soon drifted off. I completely forgot my Dad was waiting for me. When I woke up there was no light from the entrance, it was dark and I was scared. The next morning I looked outside, suddenly the shadow of a buzzard swept over my head. I shot back inside too scared to come out. There were no more rabbits, I felt so alone. Hours later I heard a jangling of keys. I knew that sound. I ran towards it and then I heard Dad’s voice saying “Sandy, Sandy come on”. I could not believe it, my Dad had come back for me. I ran out of the hole and into my dad’s arms. He cuddled me and then he took me home. At last I was safe.

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Herring on 23 Feb 12 at 8:39pm | Quote this comment
Ben - well done on a really good, completely original story. I like your use of powerful verbs to describe the way the ferret moves e.g. 'launched, sprinted, triumphed, shot' - really helps the reader create a picture in their mind's eye.

Just a small growing green about speech punctuation - perhaps you can go back through to edit it. Before you open the speech marks you always have a comma (e.g. , "Hello...) and then before you close the speech marks you always have some punctuation (e.g. ...and then bring them back to me, ok?").

Hopefully you're feeling better and we'll all see you tomorrow.
Comment 2 Comment by Simon A on 24 Feb 12 at 9:38am | Quote this comment
Well done Ben i loved the story, and i especially liked the the fact that it was from the point of view of an animal.

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