The Fairground on Mount Olympus

It was perfect; noise filled my ears, laughter and excitement was everywhere. Everything was colour and light, nothing was silent, dull, or boring. Oh by the way my name is Florrie and I am so excited because I am finally here at the Florida resort fairground.

It is very strange, no more people are coming. Wait where are my family? I will be back as soon as I can but they have well and truly disappeared. When I arrived hundreds of thousands of people were here, it seems like people are disappearing every second; and... hang on, I can see you so easily oh no people were disappearing and now it is just us two here! Sound had stopped too, all colours had faded, there was no light or colour at all, and now what are we to do? I whispered.

My blood ran cold as a slithering noise filled our ears. What now? A voice as loud as thunder broke out,’’ Come to me.’’ I screamed louder than I had ever screamed in my whole life you did too I remember that moment as clear as ice. There was the voice again this time as cold and as broken hearted as ever,’’ Don’t be scared little one.’’This time we ran as fast as cheetahs charging though stalls, the scariest thing was the rides were still swaying as if people were still on them. We ran faster seeing this, it was really very scary.

Suddenly a dark hooded figure blocked the old worn path. It slowly lifted its battered flesh to the golden sun light and amazingly shimmered like a thousand diamonds and spluttered out a few mixed words,’’ Stop now I command you!’’ What I whispered weakly and quietly.’’Who are you and where are my family?’’,’’Silence, I am Pluto demon of death and part vampire!’’ I felt a queasiness come over me as I fell down to the damp grass. You dropped to my side shouting and screaming,’ what have you done murderer.’ The cold whisper was now a roar,’ I have done nothing to your friend!’’ I felt sick weak tired. I remember nothing else but you whispering that it would be ok you were also praying for me to not die and be fine.

Suddenly light filled my eyes, I was lying on my soft silky bed. It was 12:30pm, I wiped my eyes and found we were about to go to a fairground in Florida. Who knew whether I was psychic and would really meet a half vampire! Would I ever see my family again and was the fair ground on Olympus?

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Herring on 23 Feb 12 at 6:17pm | Quote this comment
Well done Ellie - an intriguing story with some really good description. I particularly liked your opening description of the fairground - 'Everything was colour and light, nothing was silent, dull, or boring.'

Remember to use commas when listing adjectives e.g. 'I felt sick, weak, tired.'

And just a small tip for typing on a keyboard... when using speech marks press SHIFT and 2 at the same time rather than the inverted commas that you have used - maybe go through and edit this?
Comment 2 Comment by Esther B on 24 Feb 12 at 9:43am | Quote this comment
Lauren and I think this is a awsome story you should be an author when your older! :o

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