Talking to the Dead: CHAPTER 2

You might have read my Talking to the Dead: CHAPTER 1 before half term; for the next few weeks I will be putting another chapter onto the blog! So here is chapter 2...


I didn't know how long we had been traveling, a week? A month? Or even a year I didn't know but I knew the memories of the night when I was caught were all fuzzy and blurry. I had an idea where we were going - Courtshire castle! The last time I went there I was happy but now a lot of things have happened like: my sister died in the great fire, I have nowhere to go and live and I was stuffed recklessly in a sack.

"Hey, do you mind giving me some air or do you want me to die?" I shouted and inhaled the sacks moldy, rotten smell - yuck!

"Do what the child wants," the musical voice came again and it filled me with hatred.

I ignored that comment and carried on with what I was doing. What that was! I had only encounted Ruebis once before and I hoped till the day I died I would never have to see him again, you see Ruebis is the son of King Albert of Courtshire and I can tell you he is a powerful man.

It had probably been another day before I woke up to find I was in a dungeon filled with germ infested rats and a ripped mattress which was meant to be a bed and as you probably guessed I was in Courtshire castle, living in a stink hole.I crawled over to the cell door and looked through the bars, there standing proudly was an officer guarding the door of my cell.

"Hello officer, have we met? And can you tell me where Ruebis is? Or should I say Prince Ruebis?" I teased but I had to bite my lip to stop me from laughing.

"Um... well...Prince Ruebis is in his chambers and I don't think we've met," the officer spluttered; what a weirdo.

Well I guess this was ok, I could find Ruebis, kill him and get out of here but the only problem with that was... I had to get out of here first. I waited and waited and the officer must have forgotten about me and gone to sleep! Hours droned by but then suddenly the officer turned around and came into my cell! 

"The King wants to talk to you so move it," he spat and so I trudged out of my cell and up some ragged, cold bare stairs. They led me through long, endless corridors and then they grabbed me and chucked me into a large room which I guessed was the throne room. It had dark green wallpaper and pitch-black curtains with a small shimmer of gold in them. I collapsed down onto the carpeted floor and I bent my head not daring to look into the King's murderous eyes and the painful smile which made me shiver in fear.

"Ah... my dear Indigo, how have you been? How's your mother?" He boomed so everyone in the court room could hear. "Hello Albert, you have no right to talk about mother 'cause you know she's no mother of mine" I whispered and I knew as soon as I'd finished the court room fell deadly silence.

"I'm sure you are very upset that it was my son who caught you in that little trap, I thought you'd do better than that and anyway you're here now so that's what matters," he choked. I glared at him with such hatred he looked away and smiled at his stupid friends.

"I hope we can get on better terms with each other so I desire that you dine with me, my son and a few countesses. Before that though take her to one of the chambers and lock the door," bellowed the King. That was the last time I saw the king for a while.

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Comment 1 Comment by Lauren J on 23 Feb 12 at 5:00pm | Quote this comment
Wow I can't wait for the next chapter! This story might get published! :lol:
Comment 2 Comment by Lucy T on 23 Feb 12 at 7:48pm | Quote this comment
WOW! that's amazing i'm bursting to hear the next chapter! Cant wait until next week ;-) !
Comment 3 Comment by William H on 24 Feb 12 at 9:29am | Quote this comment
I really like the way that you have described the landing."The mutant crash landed in a glowing hot meteorite in the town centre, killing all the inhabitants for a three mile radius."
Comment 4 Comment by Emily J on 24 Feb 12 at 9:47am | Quote this comment
So gripping, Esther, I love the phrase: 'A week? A month? Or even a year' I'm really looking forward to chapter three! As a member of the school newspaper, I will suggest that we put your story in our next newspaper!If that is ok?

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