The Creature

I had a go at writing a 500 word story, hope you enjoy it!

Mr Howard burst in! He’s my teacher which means I have to put up with him nearly everyday. I hate him! He is anybody’s worst nightmare. He has a few strands of hair neatly combed across his head and he wears a leather jacket over his shirt and tie. He smells of rotten eggs and mouldy cheese. He started complaining about how we were all late and that our uniforms were untidy. He screams madly and roars like a lion filling the room with fear. When you get a teacher at the start of school you’re stuck with them for two years. I think it’s a stupid rule. Everyone in my class wants to leave the school because of Mr Howard. Anyway, I’m the kid in the class who gets up to mischief, the one who’s always in trouble even when it’s not my fault. In short, I have behaviour problems! You see, I live in a orphanage and I get bullied about it at school. I know I shouldn’t, but this makes me naughty. My hair is brown and it curls down my back. I have blue eyes and I’m quite tall for my age. My favourite colour is purple and I love fluffy dogs. My best friend is like a sister she stays by my side no matter what. She has long golden hair and green eyes. She also has a pet pony called Diamond. But carrying on with the story - I’m in trouble again which means DETENTION I have a detention nearly everyday – however, it’s not always a waste of time!

I sat impatiently in the prison like classroom hoping the boring torture would end. I sat for hours  playing with my fingers, hoping something exiting would happen, suddenly a angry ten foot long snake like creature burst in through the thick oak door! It hissed madly at me I quickly hopped onto my desk wandering if the mysterious creature could climb. It could!  “Help! Someone help me a giant snake” I screamed loudly knowing no one would hear me not even my best friend. “Help” I screamed again. “Please somebody help” I clambered out the rotting window the creature still hissing close behind me. I ran. I ran faster than I had ever run before. Still screaming I ran and ran suddenly I tripped! Would it get me?

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Comment 1 Comment by Tarragon N on 24 Feb 12 at 9:46am | Quote this comment
WOW! Well done Ollie I really like your descripion of the teacher.

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