The Fight for 'It'

By William St: This is my attempt at the 500 word story - enjoy!

“Run!” exclaimed Thorin he ran to the entrance of the castle but a huge iron door blocked his path. Thorin glared into the distance he could see the goblins waving their spears violently under the dim moon light. He thrashed at the rusted iron door, pieces of shrapnel shot in all directions the door still wouldn’t budge. Marcus followed his orders and shot after him. From the balcony high above Raphire raised his bow and fired, the lethal arrow found its target and embedded itself deep in the goblins neck, it wailed and fell to the ground with a loud thud. Suddenly another goblin charge and knocked Thorin off his feet, “Marcus go! Get it to safety”. Marcus nodded and turned to see Raphire let down a sturdy rope; he leapt on and climbed up to the balcony. He could see something in the distance it looked like more goblins! He opened his mouth to speak but all that came out was “More...right flank”. Thorin heard his warning, he looked to the right and sure enough there were about 200 goblins marching towards him. The goblin sliced open his left arm “arrgh!” he bellowed as the blood trickled down his arm. The sight of his own blood gave him a surge of energy he slashed at the goblins throat and its head rolled to the ground. He ran and climbed up the rope that Raphire had left for him; he climbed up ran down the stone staircase.”Marcus! ...Marcus! There you are, is it safe?”-“yes yes it is”

They all sat down at a huge oak table Thorin, Raphire, Marcus and the rest of the brave knights that defend “it” and the kingdom. They all ate; it was the finest meal in the whole kingdom. Ale, roast pork, bread there was just about everything. Suddenly the cheering stopped... There was a deathly scream followed by the echoing laughter of goblins. “We are under attack” announced Thorin “Set up defences now, go on now!” There was a lot of shuffling and four of the knights helped lift the table they placed it on the wooden door to act as a barricade. One of the knights put on his helmet it was re-hardend steel with a Mohican of spikes that were sharpened to the tip. It could have been a weapon in itself but alongside that he carried a long sword that could easily crush the bones of goblins. They took positions and waited. But they didn’t have to wait long there was a banging sound on the door like a bull was ramming it and suddenly the door literally exploded, sending splinters flying over them. There were over one hundred of them, they just poured in. Thorin plunged his sword right into the goblin’s forehead, it was killed instantly, “an easy kill” Thorin thought to himself. Another goblin thrust it’s sword into one of the knight’s chest, he fell to the ground. Thorin looked to into the darkened passageway a goblin it had it! ...

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Herring on 22 Feb 12 at 9:42pm | Quote this comment
William - unfortunately you posted your story as a comment under Tarragon's post - I wanted to re-post it so that other people could appreciate how good it is! Other than that though, this is really really good writing! A fantastic, imaginative story, full of great description and suspense. Well done!

However, before we enter it into the Radio 2 competition, it would be worth us going through it carefully to check your use of punctuation. Look out for the natural pauses when reading it through and check that you have used full stops to finish sentences.

Otherwise, brilliant writing - I'm so intrigued to know what 'It' is - will we ever find out?!
Comment 2 Comment by William H on 24 Feb 12 at 8:06am | Quote this comment
Well done William!

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