Jimmy and his evil socks

Jimmy woke up one morning and found his sister’s socks in his room! He was still only half naked in pink floury boxers. He decided to put on her socks and suddenly Jim got sucked into an imaginary world where banana meant hello, and where flying monkeys were screaming, "It’s a miracle I can fly!" Jim walked in to the forest and saw a chicken swinging in the canopy and a fish walking on the forest floor. He finally noticed he was only in his pants and he needed some more clothes but where were his sock’s? But there was a noise over head, a strange noise, it was up high in the tree’s. He climbed up the tree’s higher, higher, higher, and higher. He heard the noise again he grabbed a stick and then saw a giant monkey charging at him at full speed through the tree’s. He hit the monkey with his stick and then the monkey fell out of the tree and died! When Jim was in the tree he saw a strange waterfall, it looked like his toilet but it couldn’t be because his mum cleaned the toilet at least twice a day! He jumped down the tree and headed to the waterfall that could have been his toilet. Eventfully he got to the waterfall, there was something strange up there. He grabbed his sisters mini machine gun that he thought he'd flushed down the toilet. The gun did work even though it was plastic!  He pulled a vine out of a nearby tree and picked up three curved sticks and stuck them on the vine. Then he through the vine to the top of the tree and pulled himself up! But then he new it was a toilet because there was something yellow dripping down on to his head! Unfortunately it was his dad and he was constipated so it defiantly was his toilet but what was that strange thing? When he got to the top of the toilet there were giant piranhas. He was trying to shoot them but unluckily the piranhas had 101 lives. He did do it eventually!
He scrambled up the toilet when he heard a loud noise in his room. He went to check it out trying not to let his dad see him! He creped under the door and saw socks charging at him. There he was about to die, screaming. Then finally he got some luck and his 5th teddy bear fell on top of them and the socks turned into his solders. Teddy came to life and joined his army which was fighting them and every minute they got extra socks in their army! He took down his sisters sock easily, then they had won and Jimmy turned back to normal.

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Comment 1 Comment by Ellie S on 24 Feb 12 at 9:38am | Quote this comment
I think it is a great story and it was really random but very good.

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