Monster town...

Hi, my name's Fred and I’m 9 years old, as well as scared of the dark! Yeah, I said it! It's me, Fred, the guy who’s scared of the dark! But tonight right now at 10:00pm I will prove to my friend that I am not scared of the dark! “Let’s go!” said Sam. We went through the town casually, creeping. I could hear the shattering of glass and the screaming of people like they were being tortured. “Lets go to the mall.” said Sam. But I had to admit, I was a bit scared, as we crept into the creepy empty mall. All of the shops we walked past were closed, but we could hear a ghostly wail. As Sam and I looked around the corner we could see a ghost, but luckily it didn’t see us. The ghost was all green and slimy and was stuffing it’s little chubby face in a huge bucket of sweets that he had obviously stolen from the nearby sweet shop. CRASH! “Sam!” I shouted because the ghost had already seen us. “Sorry.” said Sam. “There’s something more important than that,” I said. “What?” said Sam who was puzzled. “RUN!" We sprinted almost right around the mall with the fat slimy ghost chasing us. We saw all sorts of monsters, including a vampire and a mud monster and they started to chase us around the place too. Eventually we ran all the way back to the sweet shop we had originally seen an hour ago. I tugged Sam into the shop and we both peeked around the corner to see if the monsters were still behind us. The coast looked clear and as Sam looked around the mud monster grabbed him by the shoulder up into the air and I grabbed Sam’s feet trying to pull him back down but the mud monster sprayed mud into my eyes and I let go of Sam’s feet. He was gone, Sam my best friend.

I tried to creep back out of the sweet shop but everywhere I looked there was living dead. My first attempt to get out was using a piece of rope. By tying it to a the sweet counter, as I was just about to climb down to the bottom of the mall I saw a red eyed creep. It had no feet, just hands. It was climbing up the rope as fast as it could, it grabbed my foot. I kicked it in the face as hard as I could. The red eyed monster was now the black eyed monster! My next attempt to get out of monster mayhem was to climb out the window. I carefully slid down the rope in a bad way. But I still made it. I ran down the streets as fast as I could. I just managed to get home in no peace at all. Mum was there, dad was there and even Sam was there. “Sam!” I shouted “your alive!”

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Comment 1 Comment by William H on 24 Feb 12 at 9:44am | Quote this comment
I love the way you created suspense with a thread of a mystery! :lol:

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