Sadness… sadness was all Josh felt as he recalled his mother’s death. Somehow the world had turned grey the moment she died. He had sensed that something was wrong. His mother had been shot through the back without remorse; he knew the government knew more about the merciless murder than him. Who had done it? Why exactly did his mum have to be the victim? His blood began to boil with hatred, his fingers stiffened, he began to quiver and bellow in rage as his face seemed to transform into burning coals. He had to get into a government building, but how? Would he be able to bribe the guards? Probably not, and anyway it certainly was not worth the risk.

Later that week Josh was ready, ready to break into the building. He had observed the guards; he knew when they changed off by heart. Now all he had to do was wait! At ten o’clock he would quickly slip behind the guards changing rooms and take the key out of the lock. As soon as the guards went in he would shut the door and lock it, then chuck the key in the mud where nobody would look. By the time they got out, if everything went according to plan, he would be safely back at home!

An hour later he crept towards the guards changing rooms. It was then he thought about how he was going to get into the compound! He had completely forgotten about his entry! He couldn’t climb up the wall because it was too smooth for anything to climb, let alone Josh! But luckily it must have accidently slipped the minds of the architects that there were trees surrounding the wall; but one way to look at them was as a guaranteed successful entry!

As soon as Josh was inside the compound he snuck behind the guards changing rooms and saw a young nervous-looking Chinese guard heading straight towards him! He almost jumped out of his skin as the guard turned to face in exactly his direction! His mother’s stern face loomed in front of him. The burning coals had turned ashen white as Josh looked as if he had seen a ghost… His horrified face lit up the pitch black night. The guard turned away and mumbled something muffled into his radio. Joshes blood froze as about five guards came running out of the bushes; he had no time to consult what to do so he just ran helter-skelter towards the exit. But a guard  flung himself towards Josh and hung on to his legs; what had he done to deserve this? Caught like a rat, Josh knew he would never escape… 

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Herring on 18 Feb 12 at 2:28pm | Quote this comment
Some brilliant description William - 'His blood began to boil with hatred, his fingers stiffened, he began to quiver and bellow in rage as his face seemed to transform into burning coals' - fantastic imagery! Clearly the injustice and tragedy of his mother's death still enrages your character.

You have written an intriguing story, with a good climax, leaving lots of unanswered questions - well done!
Comment 2 Comment by Matthew C on 24 Feb 12 at 9:36am | Quote this comment
I enjoyed the story and like the mistery in it. :D
Comment 3 Comment by Jolie F on 26 Feb 12 at 3:59pm | Quote this comment
WOW!william get story i really want to know what the it was. :lol: :D

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