Clown Attack

I was walking round the corner my hands trembling - “CRASH” there it went again. Lamps were flickering all over the place. Where was I? I could see my distorted figure reflected in the mirror but I knew I wasn’t alone... I could see a shadow lurking in the background so I went to explore - “CRASH” there it went a third time. By this time I didn’t know what to think. Was I imagining things? Was this a dream? But then that’s when it all happened... The next day I awoke felling dizzy but it still wasn’t over I could see a shadow I could just make out it was a dagger it was edging towards me my hands were shaking like jelly. I could see who it was it was a clown. What had happened I was wandering. Is it in a spell I cried out for help but that was the wrong thing to do I just made it come closer and closer. What am I going to do my life was at risk. Just as it was about to plunge his dagger in to me something happened a man was behind the clown and shot him dead. but all of a sudden more and more clowns came down each had their own dagger they saw the helpful man and stabbed him. He fell to the ground one of the clowns showed their old dirty teeth and whispered to me "your next" I was thinking about what he said and had a plan I didn't know if it was going to work or not I prayed and hoped it would work but sadly it didn't. some how I had to distract them and quickly run but my plan failed. this just made them thirsty for my blood because they drank peoples blood but I was determined for nothing to happen to me because I want to live. My family wouldn't want this to happen so why should it happen I knew this was silly but I tried it noooo I thought, what had I just done I went along with my plan why had all my plans failed the head clown got me and put me up to the wall I thought he was going to kill me he was suffocating me and but his dripping blood stained knife up to my neck but took it off . I wandered what was going on was this my lucky day? but then I realised what was happening they all crowded around me their pin like daggers surrounding me and suddenly something happened...

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Ryan on 15 Feb 12 at 3:28pm | Quote this comment
Hannah, you've built some great suspense in this story and have used the classic 'clown' icon as a symbol of evil - something a lot of writers had played on over the years!

Your punctuation starts to tail off after the first third though and makes it difficult to read. If you used the same accuracy as you started with it would improve it a lot! Read through and think about where those natural pauses lie in the text and decide upon the closing punctuation for that sentence. Is it . or ! or ?

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