500-word Story Competition!

Radio 2 has just launched its 500 word story writing competition, with massive prizes up for grabs! So here in class India, after spending several weeks working on settings and characters, we're going to write and enter some of our own stories!

Have a dig around the '500 words website' for ideas on how to write a mad, magical or mind-blowing story:

Over the next few days the childrens' stories should start appearing on our class blog - we'd love you to read them and tell us what you think!

Class India, let's get writing!

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Ryan on 02 Feb 12 at 1:53pm | Quote this comment
Here's a secret for you all to keep:

Last year, I was a judge for this competition. Out of the 50 or so stories I had to judge I can honestly say that a lot of the writers on this blog (judging by the settings and the 100-word stories appearing) would have a very good chance of reaching the final, or even winning it! Please folks, get entering and you might scoop first prize.
Comment 2 Comment by Lauren J on 04 Feb 12 at 10:43am | Quote this comment
That would be great if someone from Blue Coat won! :lol:
Comment 3 Comment by Mr Ryan on 04 Feb 12 at 2:29pm | Quote this comment
Yes it would, Lauren. What are you waiting for? Make us proud!

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