Fire Burning!

Yesterday, Esther and I wrote a short but effective descriptive setting, here it is:

strolled mindlessly along the golden-paved path, the ground was damp and rough against my burnt fragile feet. The path was slippery from last nights rain. On the other side of the path a small soggy grass patch lay against the crumbling soil. Waving in fear, the scent of freshly mowed grass filled my lungs.

I looked ahead and in the distance, I cought a glimpse of a burning hot fire, clawing at the delicate trees as they whispered in pain.I heard the guests screaching in terror, 1 burning body lay helplessly on the dew covered ground... I stepped closer but then the fire hit me like a lightning bolt.


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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Herring on 23 Jan 12 at 5:02pm | Quote this comment
I love the description of the '...burning hot fire, clawing at the delicate trees..' - really helps me to picture the flames. Another word I think describes flames brilliantly is 'licking'! The bright orange flames licked their way up the helpless building! Well done girls!

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