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The brilliant film Avatar is set on planet Pandora. Here's a piece of writing I did in class today:

Sweet, sticky and smelling of honeycomb the, juju flower is a bright and beautiful plant and is bio luminescent! The Armaflower with leathery skin and a huge razor sharp horn still has a heart for big hugs, unfortunately Armaflower’s smell like rotting meat so you might need a clothes peg for your hot sweaty nose.

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Comment 1 Comment by Alfie G on 20 Jan 12 at 11:19am | Quote this comment
Here's my piece of writing about pandora

The Floating Islands of Halleluiah

Happily and clumsily, the humanoid creatures, called Navi, stumbled along the enormously thick goblin-green vines which had tiny little vines hanging desperately from the bottom. Banshees were flying about everywhere waiting impatiently for some creatures to pass by in the canopy below so they can swoop down and snatch them. The Floating islands were making a unique grasshopper like noise that was very entrancing; it also drowned the noise of the human falcons up above the vines.
Comment 2 Comment by Lauren A on 20 Jan 12 at 11:22am | Quote this comment
I really like your writting, what do you think of mine?

Nimble and quick, the human like Navi are bio luminescent and blue! They hunt on banshee, blue bio-luminescent flying creatures that make a screeching sound. But there is a more dangerous animal called Macoo it is the predators of all predators! The Navi worship the sprit tree witch looks like a willow tree. It has white leaves and smells so sweet like honey comb it also has bark as smooth as wood. The tree gives birth to little sprits that smell like flowers and when you touch them you start to tingle.

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