Jumping Rope!

This afternoon class India spent a chunk of their games lesson 'jumping rope' (a.k.a. skipping). The reason we're calling it 'jumping rope' is because it makes it sound less girly! In fact, we're convinced that this rigorous and challenging activity is for everyone - teachers, pupils, boys, girls, men and women! So, before we write our final unaided pieces of persuasive writing, can we 'comment' as many reasons why jumping rope is for everyone? The more ideas we come up with together, the easier it will be when you come to write independently...

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Herring on 02 Nov 11 at 8:30pm | Quote this comment
Here's an idea to get you started: jumping rope is for everyone because it develops attributes that are used in many other sports that both boys and girls enjoy e.g. speed for athletics.
Comment 2 Comment by Jolie F on 03 Nov 11 at 7:40pm | Quote this comment
When we did jumping rope I learnt that its not just for girls.
Comment 3 Comment by Tarragon N on 03 Nov 11 at 7:42pm | Quote this comment
It makes you stronger for other sports like football, rugby and running.
Comment 4 Comment by Sarah L on 03 Nov 11 at 7:57pm | Quote this comment
Just because we call it skipping aswell, doesn't mean that jump rope is just for girls.
Comment 5 Comment by Mr Herring on 03 Nov 11 at 8:11pm | Quote this comment
Of course Sarah, but can you give me a reason why everybody/anybody should do it?
Comment 6 Comment by Alec L on 04 Nov 11 at 7:44am | Quote this comment
of course its not just girls men do it proffesionaly and male boxers do it every day.
Comment 7 Comment by William St on 04 Nov 11 at 8:32am | Quote this comment
There are lots sports men that skip (jump rope) for training for example boxers ,football players rugby players etc and that proves it is not just for girls.
Comment 8 Comment by Stephanie F on 05 Nov 11 at 12:01pm | Quote this comment
reely mr herring!

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