Half-term HOMEWORK!

So the first 6 weeks of the school year have flown by and we've made it to half term - well done class India! It's been brilliant to see you working hard during the mornings and then thriving on the afternoon curriculum, learning all the time!

Now, I really do hope you rest up and relax over the coming week, however... I don't want you to get bored! Therefore, I'm setting you all a piece of homework. Here it is:

Look at the following 'would you rather...' questions. Choose one that interests you and produce a piece of writing (minimum 250 words) to persuade the reader of your point of view. Use our visual organiser (which you all should know off by heart!) and success criteria to help you include the features of a high quality piece of persuasive writing. The best examples will be shared with the school.

Would you rather be 10 times smaller or 10 times bigger?
Would you rather be able to fly or go invisible?
Would you rather only be able to whisper or only be able to shout?
Would your rather be a dog called Rover or a cat called Fluffy?
Would you rather someone give you £100 or give £1000 to the charity of your choice?
Would you rather be able to control the weather or talk to animals?



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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Herring on 21 Oct 11 at 4:26pm | Quote this comment

Amazing and stupendous, the power of invisibility is supreme over the outrageously over-rated crummy power of flight is what I Joe believe.

Always wanted to be able to sneak into the latest films without having to pay outrageous fees or wait in cues for popcorn and drinks? Well, with invisibility you can, where as with flight you will be even easier to spot with humongous wings knocking people over left, right and centre.

Also with the power of invisibility, if you want to go to a foreign country like Florida (America) you can just sneak on a fancy ferry or first class plane despite the fact you might not get comfortable seating every time.

Always wanted to scare the living daylight out of someone, like your arch nemesis, on a midnight-black Halloween? You can now do it, where as with the power of flight you could just make them think there is a golden eagle flying around in the area.

Plus you could become a friendly neighbourhood super-hero saving people from muggers and beating up kidnappers before earning cash for your trouble.

Also, with the power of flight if there is high winds you would get blown away where as it wouldn’t affect you more than a normal person.

So with the fantastic power of invisibility you can: sneak into the latest films without having to pay or cue in stupidly long cues; hop aboard a plane or boat and go to a foreign country; scare enemies silly at the witching hour; save the country from lowlife crooks or just stay grounded in high winds.
Comment 2 Comment by Jude W on 21 Oct 11 at 5:12pm | Quote this comment
Great piece Joe!
Comment 3 Comment by Lauren J on 21 Oct 11 at 7:16pm | Quote this comment
I was not sure which was best but now, until I hear otherwise, i'm going with invisability!
Comment 4 Comment by Mr Herring on 22 Oct 11 at 10:31am | Quote this comment

Not only is the ability to fly far superior to invisibility, but it is head and shoulders above any of the many super hero powers on offer. Add together being able to heal rapidly, shoot red-hot lasers and control people’s minds and you still wouldn’t be as powerful as somebody who possesses the magical gift of flight. Let me highlight just a few of the reasons why flight is the most awesome of all powers.

Firstly, and quite simply, wouldn't the ability to fly make life so much easier? Everyday duties such as getting to school or work would become hugely more enjoyable and so much less time consuming. Rather than waiting in queues of traffic or trudging by foot up the local hills, you could take off from your back garden and arrive at your destination shortly afterwards. In fact, all the chores of daily life (e.g. supermarket shopping) would become dramatically more efficient, freeing up time for the leisure activities that you wish to pursue. What are the jobs and errands that you find most annoying? Surely, being able to fly would make a difference to these tasks, transforming your everyday life?

Next, have you ever had a dream where you were flying? Do you remember how exciting and exhilarating it felt? Well imagine being able to do that for real, whenever you wanted. It would mean being able to go on an instant holiday, wherever you pleased in the world. You could leave your troubles behind, soar far away, and observe the most beautiful places from above. Watch the magnificent animals migrating across the Serengeti in the morning. Then fly the whole length of the Great Wall of China in an afternoon before finally resting for the evening on one of the great white sweeps of sand in Hawaii. Being able to fly would truly make the world your oyster!

However, not only would the gift of flight make everyday life so much simpler, not only would it give you total access to our glorious planet, but it would enable you to make a difference to the world we live in. Clark Kent, also known as Superman, has made it clear that flight is his most precious power by declaring, “Without it, I couldn’t save half as many people’s lives!” The girl trapped in a burning building, the boy swept away by a strong ocean current, the man who has been pushed from a great height or the woman facing a dangerous gang on a dark night. In all these situations, and many more, the person who can fly would undoubtedly be able to save the day. Being able to fly would ensure that you could contribute to making the world a safer place for all.

The power of flight can often be overlooked. It may sound simple. So let me encourage you to take a few moments to consider the difference it would make, not only to your life, but to the lives of others. With flight comes total freedom and the unique ability to make a difference. It is therefore obvious that flight is by far the greatest of all super powers!
Comment 5 Comment by Mr Ryan on 23 Oct 11 at 12:30pm | Quote this comment
2 very compelling arguments by Joe and Mr Herring. They're so good that I'm now unsure which is best. I'll decide finally once I've read others here...
Comment 6 Comment by Simon A on 23 Oct 11 at 1:55pm | Quote this comment

I, Simon believe that being invisible is a far greater ability than being able to fly. Here are my reasons for believing this:

Isn’t being able to sneak around and having almost everything free brilliant despite the fact you can’t have everything other people paid for like seats? Wouldn’t you love to be able to see all your favourite films like hazardous Harry Potter and lively Lord Of The Rings? Wouldn’t it be brilliant to just stroll in unpaid and unnoticed into an adventure park or safari park? You could walk straight in to all your favourite singers concerts and not be charged a penny!

Secondly, wouldn’t it just be delightful to stroll round a corner in pursuit of your arch-enemy making strange ghostly noises and tapping them menacingly on their back while they have absolutely no idea you’re there.

Penultimately, it would be very easy to find a job as a film special effects man because you would be able to make objects float in awkward places. Also, it would be easy to become a spy because you could listen in to secret conversations and find out vital information for the whole nation.

Flying would not be as brilliant as invisibility because what would happen if you got caught up on a church spire or a plane? What if you ran out of energy while out at sea?

To conclude, if you were invisible you could: watch films for free; not have to pay for safari/adventure parks; you could scare the life out of all your enemies; you could easily find a job as a spy or stuntman and not have the worry of getting stuck in planes or running out of juice and plunging deep into the abyss.

By Simon
Comment 7 Comment by Hannah D on 24 Oct 11 at 4:13pm | Quote this comment

It would be amazing to be invisible because you could do anything you liked. Here are my reasons.

If you were walking and you reconazied your mum or dad and you were at a friends house and your
mum and dad came knocking on the door and you wanted to stay a bit longer you could always turn
invisible and you could stay for longer.

Secondly if you were in trouble with the police your mum or dad your grandparents brother or sister
you could turn invisible and not get into trouble this could be good if you get into trouble a lot!
that could be good to not get in trouble. You could tell all your friends that you havent been in
trouble for a long time and they might say I was in trouble only last week.

thirdly the best thing would be pranking! You could creep up on people and when your out shopping with
your friends you could turn invisible and scare them so badly that your there laughing a way whilst
your friends are there worried about you and you will be with them the whole time that would be
very funny.

Also you could creep into the queen's house and listen to all her news that she has to bring
or you could creep into the prime ministers house and listen to what he has got to say. You could
also sneak into there meetings and listen to there arguments instead of watching a very short clip
on the television. Would you want to have invisibility powers?

In conclusion if you were invisible you could do pranking see the queen watch the prime minister
not get into trouble wouldn't it be amazing if you didd'nt get in trouble and you could play
for longer and if you were really in trouble and you had to get away from the police you could
turn invisible.
Comment 8 Comment by Lauren J on 24 Oct 11 at 7:50pm | Quote this comment

I, Lauren J, think that invisibility is stupendously better than being able to fly, here is why:

Do you want to be able to sneak around and listen in to other people’s private conversations? Well with invisibility you can. Isn’t it annoying when your friends, half way through break, sneak off and say they need to have a private conversation. You become annoyed with them and want to know what on earth they’re talking about, so with invisibility you can wander over to them and find out what private things they’re talking about.

Another reason that invisibility is best is: don’t you want to scare the nick nacks out of your friends on the night of Halloween you can just talk to them whilst being invisible to literally scare them out of their skin. They will have no idea what is going on!

Finally my last point; ever wanted to be able to sneak into movies? With invisibility you can do this and better yet you don’t even have to pay for popcorn!

Amazing and unbelievable with the power of invisibility you can, sneak in to the latest films and not have to pay for popcorn, wander into other people’s private conversations and scare the nick nacks out of your friends on the night of the witch’s.
Comment 9 Comment by Mr Herring on 24 Oct 11 at 8:13pm | Quote this comment
To all those who've commented so far - some brilliant persuasive writing! Well done! Can I encourage you to check through your writing for any spelling mistakes and any missing punctuation (read it out loud to check it makes sense!) It is also important that everyone writes at least 250 words - Lauren, I think you're a few short at the moment!

To all those who haven't started their homework yet - I think we have just about exhausted all the reasons why invisibility is best! So that people don't all write the same thing, it would be a good idea to choose another question (due to its popularity I have added another super hero themed one - would you rather be able to control the weather or talk to animals?)

I'm checking the blog everyday, eagerly anticipating the next persons piece of writing! Keep it up class India!
Comment 10 Comment by Tarragon N on 25 Oct 11 at 3:20pm | Quote this comment
It IS better to fly! By Tarragon N

Wouldn’t it be great if we all could fly? I have always wanted to know what it’s like to be a bird, haven’t you? Or would you rather be invisible? I don't know, what do you think?

Well the reasons why I personally think it is better to fly is you can help save the earth, help stop global warming the good reasons for that is you can save petrol, energy and it’s also extremely fun! Not that I have done it myself of course.

Magnificent, invisibility is magnificent but however if you sneaked in to a movie that would be classed as stealing and you would be a thief. Invisibility is not all good like if your mother couldn’t see you how could she feed you. Would you like to starve to death just because you were invisible, I sure wouldn’t!

Supreme, flying is just supreme you could admire are sensational world in just a second, fancy that! Also there is plenty of sky to fly about in so it won’t be crowded.

If you were invisible you wouldn’t be able to contribute in the classroom, most kids would be very pleased with that but it would interfere with their future, education and their lives therefore they can't chat to their friends and their friends won't be able to see them. It’s really good if you can make eye contact to the person when you are talking if not it is a bit rude!

So you get my point! I personally think to be able to fly is better than to be able to be invisible because you can: help save the earth, stop global warming, travel about are wonderful world and just have fun! As Gordon Ramsay would say... 'DONE!'
Comment 11 Comment by Mr Ryan on 25 Oct 11 at 5:32pm | Quote this comment
Wow... some very convincing arguments posed by our budding writers of Class India. I'm really enjoying these - keep them coming!
Comment 12 Comment by Mr Herring on 26 Oct 11 at 4:37pm | Quote this comment
Jasmine, in class New Zealand, has written an interesting piece about being 10 times smaller. Actually had me laughing whilst I was reading it! I hope to read a few more on this particular question before making a reasoned decision about which would be best.
Comment 13 Comment by Jude W on 27 Oct 11 at 1:38pm | Quote this comment
You said to check for spelling mistakes Mr Herring. You spelt minimum "minimun".
Comment 14 Comment by Jude W on 27 Oct 11 at 2:27pm | Quote this comment

I, Jude W-W believe that being able to control the weather is much better than being able to talk to animals for these reasons:

First of all you could make it snow beautiful white snow whenever you wanted it to! Lovely in the winters that don’t snow. You could make it sunny in summer, rainy when you can’t be bothered to water the garden. Although being able to talk to animals? That is useless, how are you supposed to do anything with that? Okay, maybe you could tell the animals what to do but what's the benefit in that? There is no benefit.

Secondly you could make money! The way you do this is by getting people to pay you for making/stopping different weather only in their garden. Being able to talk to animals? NO.
You could also save lots of people’s lives. If there was an extremely tall (or any size really) tornado swirling about somewhere then, with a click of your amazing fingers, you could make it disappear from existence. Or if there was a gigantic bright blue tsunami, you could make a fast wind to blow it down. Being able to talk to animals? NO.

If you were at the beach you could make it sunny and windy so that there were waves that you could surf/body board on. Being able to talk to animals? NO.

But the best part is being able to make wonky weather then watch the weather forecast and laugh and laugh and laugh…

To conclude, being able to control the weather is better than being able to speak to animals because you could make it snow when you want to, make money, save lives, and laugh at the weather forecast.
Comment 15 Comment by Emily J on 28 Oct 11 at 12:11pm | Quote this comment
Weather Power!

If I controlled the weather it would be brilliant. Here’s why:

Global Warming

As everybody knows the tragic events of global warming have affected the whole globe. I would be responsible for changing the weather in the North and South pole by making it colder it would prevent ice from melting. Polar bears and many other endangered animals need help and I would help them by making the weather colder for their habitats.

Ozone layer.

There are many ways, by changing the weather I could prevent the ozone layer from decaying. Every year the earth becomes just a few degrees hotter. I could prevent this from happening by cooling the earth down every year until it is at the recommended temperature.

Crops and Famine.

In Africa many people suffer from starvation, by changing the weather so it rains at the right times this could be prevented because more rain means more crops. I will also make it sunny at the right times so the crops can grow with the right surroundings.


I would also change the weather in the summer holidays so that the six weeks of holiday have the best weather of the year. (Small heat wave!) I would change the experience of a school trip by making it sunny it would be much more enjoyable if it is good weather.

In summary you can change a lot of problems if you could control the weather. You can get much more out of controlling weather than talking to animals.

By Emily J
Comment 16 Comment by Esther B on 28 Oct 11 at 3:02pm | Quote this comment

I, Esther B, would rather be able to fly than to turn invisible because I could zoom wildly to places I have never been before and I might see the world a little differently.

I would choose to fly because I could go on free holidays despite the fact that I would have to pay for hotels, but I don’t have to pay for flights. Did you know that flights to America cost around £700 just for one person! Tickets can cost a lot so if I just fly there without a plane my life would be a lot easier.

It would help the environment because I won’t have to drive around in cars so that not all those deadly fuels go up into the precious air. Also I really hate being in my car and I wish I could spend more time in the great outdoors. David Cameron said “I do wish people would get out more and a enjoy our world”. Over 100 million people agree that they would love to fly. It would also save on plane fuel.

I would be helping scientists by gliding up into the atmosphere and collect samples of rock from boiling hot mars and other planets man kind has not yet set foot on. We would learn a lot more about other planets.

So being able to fly would be so much cooler than being invisible because I would be able to save the world from meltdown and I wouldn't have to pay outstanding amounts of money just for one ticket to whatever country I would like to go to in the world. I would love to fly up in the bright blue sky with birds of all kinds and study them. Wouldn't you?
Comment 17 Comment by Ella B on 30 Oct 11 at 5:54pm | Quote this comment

I think that being ten times smaller is much better than being ten times bigger because you can do loads of adventurous things like helping round the house and interacting with your toys. You can save money on loads of diferent things too.

If you where ten times smaller you could save on loads of expensive things. First of all you would be able to save on food because you do not need to eat so much and you could also save your food for a couple of days. Did you know that we throw away 8.3 million tons of food every year? For example, if there was some pasta in the shop, at the price of £1.50, and you needed something for your tea later you would buy the pasta. If you were ten times smaller you would get more dishes out of it but if a full sized man would need more packets of pasta to have as many meals as you. You could also save on clothing because you could buy dolls clothes because dolls clothes are not to expensive. You could make your own clothes, you will not need to use so much material as a reguler sized person. If you made a top you would have to buy ten times more material so it will cost you 10 times more.

If you where ten times smaller people would really appriciate you as you can find little things they have lost. For example if your friend had lost a small piece of lego and they realy need it to finish of a multi-coloured lego house they where trying to get just right you could find it. it would be easy to find as the bright red block is almost the size of you.

The most fun about being ten times smaller than normal people is that you can interact with all your toys. You could clamber into the wooden dolls house and stay there all night, it would be like a real house. If you have a playful puppy toy you could climb up his furry legs and ride around the bedroom carpet on his back.

This is why I think being miniture is better than being a giant. After my three fun points what do you think about being small?
Comment 18 Comment by William on 30 Oct 11 at 6:49pm | Quote this comment
Would you rather be able to fly or go invisible?

Invisibility overpowers without a doubt the atrocious ability of flight. In fact invisibility is much more useful if you want to watch something, e.g. a circus, because instead of flying in and then being enslaved by the crazed circus performers, being forced to be shot out of the grand cannon evening after evening, you could just pop in invisible and grab yourself the seat of your dreams. Just imagine what would happen if somebody else took the same seat? Wouldn’t that fat bloke over there not get the shock of a lifetime?!

But what else could there be out there in the vast sea of possibilities?

Just think about poor Mr Herring when you sneak after him invisible once school has finished and find out once and for all where he gets those truly irresistible cherry pies from. And then turning visible again while stuffing the last piece of it into your mouth with a cheeky grin on your face as soon as he reaches for the packet...

You could travel the world visiting all the theme parks without paying a penny of your money. You could have adventures of all sorts like stepping over crocodiles, sneak on board a submarine, or take all the cheese you want. Could you not get your own back on your aggressive foes? By dressing them up in the middle of the night in pink tutus and then chasing them through the swarming crowds dressed up as a ghoul. Last but not least there is the fact that with the awesome power of invisibility you can enter a world of fun instead of entering a world of complicated gymnastic tricks.

In summary you could do far greater things with the power of invisibility than with the everyday power of flight.
Comment 19 Comment by Mr Herring on 30 Oct 11 at 8:03pm | Quote this comment
Some good late editions to the debate from Esther and William about flight versus invisibility - thanks! The point William made about following me in order to track down the source of the cherry bake-wells made me laugh!

Overall class India I'm really really impressed with your writing over half-term - some really good persuasive pieces! I hope this is a sign of things to come...!
Comment 20 Comment by Lucy T on 31 Oct 11 at 10:20am | Quote this comment
Flying is great!

I ,Lucy T, would rather be able to fly than be invisible because i could adventure the world with no cost and could see the world from a compleetly different angle.

Flight could also save the world because we would not be using nasty gasses that pulute the earth and start global warming when we drive from one place to another or take a plane ride and wouldn't it be great to just fly every where and save the world?

I would rather fly because i could be a Super Hero and save the world from trouble and defeat all bad and be a role model for children and adults. Also i could soar way up high look at the birds and study their habitat and find out how they live,and i could shoot up to the stars when ever i wanted and imagine just floating round school flying over peoples heads to get to the front of lines or maybe get into places with out paying at all because you can just fly wher people cant see you!

I think that flying is best because you can save the world, help and study birds and be a local role modal and save peoples lives, i hope i have convinced you.
Comment 21 Comment by Thomas S on 01 Nov 11 at 4:19pm | Quote this comment
Weather power

Weather power is a much more important skill to have than talking to animas.


Weather power is a very good skill to have because you can save lives in things like floods and drought. Talking to animals is not so much or an important skill because you cant really save lives talking to them.

If you go on holiday and you want it to be nice weather then you can have it your way with weather power also with things like football matches or any outdoor sport. Even on Christmas day you can have it snowing like most people would like it.

Talking to animals might be fun but not life saving. Weather power could save animals and the environment so if you didn’t have weather power you wouldn’t be able to talk to animals if they have been killed in drought or floods.

The animals would be healthy, because of the environment being correct and this would lead to no shortage of food supply for the human race.

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