Children need you!

Over the last couple of days we've been planning, scripting and recording an appeal for the people of Wotton to support Children in Need (coming up shortly after half term). Listen, comment, and then show your spots by giving what you can to Children in Need this year.

  By Lucy, Hannah and Emily

To listen to the other recordings click below.

  By Harry, Alfie, Tom and Simon

  By Sarah, Lauren, Ella and Esther

  By Joe, Jude and Rufus

  By Ben, Ralph, William and Matthew

  By Iris and Jasmine

  By Mollie, Jolie, Ollie and Tarragon

Comments that people have made about this blog post

Comment 1 Comment by Lucy T on 19 Oct 11 at 3:36pm | Quote this comment
Well i'm definitely persuaded!
Comment 2 Comment by Hannah D on 19 Oct 11 at 4:01pm | Quote this comment
There all very persuasive.
Comment 3 Comment by Alex Alliston on 19 Oct 11 at 8:15pm | Quote this comment
Great recordings, very persuasive. What a great idea, well done class India.
Comment 4 Comment by Mr Bailey on 20 Oct 11 at 7:29am | Quote this comment
Class India, I love your audio clips - great work on the persuasive writing. Do you think you would be able to persuade Mr Herring to do something wacky and crazy for Children in Need?
Comment 5 Comment by Tarragon N on 20 Oct 11 at 4:49pm | Quote this comment
We sure will try Mr Bailey!
Comment 6 Comment by Thomas S on 20 Oct 11 at 6:36pm | Quote this comment
They are all awsome well done everyone.
Comment 7 Comment by William on 21 Oct 11 at 4:48pm | Quote this comment
Good work class India!
Comment 8 Comment by Jude W on 21 Oct 11 at 5:10pm | Quote this comment
Very persuasive recordings. I suggest Mr Herring doing a silly dance in front of the WHOLE school!
Well done.

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