RPZIE (an anagram of prize!)

October's edition of National Geographic magazine came with a mini glow-in-the-dark dinosaur kit and a dog sticker album. To win the prize of your choice you need to unscramble the following anagrams and be the first to 'comment' all five answers on our blog.

1. peanlote
2. theleanp
3. grite
4. inlo
5. westeeldib

And just to get you going I'll give you a clue: they're all animals!

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Comment 1 Comment by Emily J on 18 Oct 11 at 5:14pm | Quote this comment
Lion,tiger,antelope,elephant and wildebeest.
Comment 2 Comment by Lucy T on 19 Oct 11 at 3:02pm | Quote this comment
1. peanlote = Antelope
2. theleanp = Elephant
3. grite = Tiger
4. inlo = Lion
5. westeeldib = Wildebeest
Comment 3 Comment by Mr Herring on 19 Oct 11 at 3:34pm | Quote this comment
Great! Well done Emily - what prize would you like? The glow in the dark dinosaur or the dog sticker album? How about making a few of your own anagrams up - choose a subject (e.g. animals) and put 5 for other members of the class to solve (make sure you have ALL the letters needed to spell each one correctly)!
Comment 4 Comment by Emily J on 19 Oct 11 at 7:10pm | Quote this comment
Please could I have the glow in the dark dinosaur.

1. hanic
2. diani
3. acriaem
4. aias
5. wne dnaealz

All of these are countries except one of them which is a continent.
Comment 5 Comment by Mr Herring on 19 Oct 11 at 7:13pm | Quote this comment
Thanks Emily! The first person to complete these anagrams can have 3TPs - good luck!
Comment 6 Comment by Tarragon N on 20 Oct 11 at 4:47pm | Quote this comment
1. China
2. India
3. America
4. Asia
5. New zealand

Are they right Emily?
Comment 7 Comment by Mr Herring on 20 Oct 11 at 6:48pm | Quote this comment
Tarragon and Tom - how about leaving 5 more anagrams behind for the next person to have a go at?
Comment 8 Comment by Tarragon N on 22 Oct 11 at 8:50am | Quote this comment
1. wartsyerbr
2. omnle
3. rotrca
4. annaba
5. corcibil

There all fruit and vegtables. Have a go!
Comment 9 Comment by Jolie F on 03 Nov 11 at 7:34pm | Quote this comment

WOW tarragon the frist one is really hard.
Comment 10 Comment by Lucy T on 07 Nov 11 at 6:02pm | Quote this comment
5.broccili ? broccoli :lol:

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