As we begin our persuasive writing unit in Literacy I would love to hear your thoughts about various issues and topics. My first question is this - should class pets be banned? The RSPCA (a charity that tries to prevent cruelty to animals) wants schools to stop keeping class pets as it says it's not fair on the animals. They suggest that the classroom can be a scary place for a pet and that there are other ways to teach us how to treat animals. But what do you think?

If you have an opinion about this question, tell us by posting in the 'comments' box. Tell us whether you are FOR or AGAINST banning classroom pets and then give us a reason why?

I look forward to reading your thoughts...

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Comment 1 Comment by Grace W on 11 Oct 11 at 1:34pm | Quote this comment
You shouldn't keep a pet in a classroom because some people are allergic to animals. It would also be too loud in the class because children would get excited. What would happen to the pet if everybody in the class went away during the holiday - who would look after it?

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