Write-off for Prizes!

Calling all Writers!

  • Are you between 8-11 years old?
  • Do you have a passion for food?
  • Could you write a letter about it by Wednesday 12th October?

Blue Coat would like to proudly enter a batch of letters from you, our children, all in the name of the Oxford Literary festival. There are prizes to be won. Still interested? Then this is what you need to do...

Competition details:

We know how much fun you have with food and we want to hear about it.

All you have to do is write a letter addressed to a celebrity, a family member, a politician or anyone else you can think of, and let them know of your passion for food.

Here are some suggestions of what you could write about, and they fit in really well with the Chartwell's philosophy: 'Eat, Learn, Live'


Something that you really enjoy eating
Recalling a meal that made a big positive impression on you


Why food is important for education
The influences of culture on food
Why you enjoy food technology lessons or one particular lesson on a food related environmental or ethical issue


An environmental or ethical issue concerning the production of food
Why you prefer home cooked food to eating out
The life story of the ingredients of a particular dish

Entries must be in the form of a letter and keep to:

  • a 1 page maximum of A4 in handwritten pen

Here is last year's winning letter for the 8-11yrs age group: Part 1   Part 2

More details of fantastic prizes etc can be found on the Chartwells website.

We'd like to enter as many letters as possible so get writing to win:


All letter entries to Mr Ryan by Wednesday 12th October at the very latest.

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As the golden gleaming sun rose into the sky they woke! The syrup coloured cats were on the prowl, taking victim after victim, RUN! They came closer, closer, their breath warm on the cold morning. I screamed, running, my heart pounding, faster. Faster. I slipped, the beast roared, I sank down trembling. Then it happened - I saw lions from all over, like pins in the distance. It was amazing! I sighed in relief, they were my friends. I got up and saw them, they came hurtling to see me. Following them were hunters. We ran away far from the hunters.

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