Francis Firebrace (our aboriginal guest and a larger-than-life character!) spent the morning sharing with us about life in the bush, telling us all sorts of fascinating stories about how the people live and survive. For example, did you know that aborigines make string for their weapons using the stretched tendons found in a kangaroos tail?! Amazing! What new stuff did you learn today? What information did you find most interesting? 'Comment' and share it for us to remember and for others to learn.

Click 'Read More' for the photos from the day.

A few from the day...

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Comment 1 Comment by Mrs Buckley on 30 Sep 11 at 5:05pm | Quote this comment
We met Francis Firebrace this morning in the school office and he gave us all a big hug as a greeting - he is a very interesting person. I didn't get to see any of the wonderful things you were doing so perhaps I can come into your class to see them.
Mrs Buckley
Comment 2 Comment by Mollie M on 03 Oct 11 at 1:41pm | Quote this comment
I really enjoyed meeting Francis Firebrace. I was very facinated by his art work and i would love to meet him again.
Comment 3 Comment by Hannah D on 03 Oct 11 at 1:46pm | Quote this comment
I really enjoyed it and hope everyone enjoyed it as well. All the artwork is
Comment 4 Comment by Ollie B on 03 Oct 11 at 1:46pm | Quote this comment
Francis Firebrace is realy cool I'd love to meet him again
Comment 5 Comment by Thomas S on 03 Oct 11 at 2:44pm | Quote this comment
All the art work was good. Hope everyone else enjoyed it like me.
Comment 6 Comment by Thomas S on 03 Oct 11 at 2:46pm | Quote this comment
The way he paints is so good and his paintings are amazing to.
Comment 7 Comment by Ben F on 03 Oct 11 at 4:28pm | Quote this comment
Hi class India

I loved doing the paintings, Francis is really good artist, if you haven't seen the pictures of his work go have a look now.
Comment 8 Comment by Emily J on 03 Oct 11 at 5:13pm | Quote this comment
I really enjoyed having an aboriginal artist in. It was really interesting to hear about the times he had living in Austrailia and the different ways they have. What do you think?
Comment 9 Comment by Sarah L on 03 Oct 11 at 5:45pm | Quote this comment
It was great having Francis Firebrace in, I really enjoyed it. His paintings were amazing and the storys were very interesting. I had no idea he was coming until it was mentioned in worship, but I'm glad he came.
Comment 10 Comment by Mr Ryan on 03 Oct 11 at 8:14pm | Quote this comment
[Great commenting Sarah and Emily - I'm impressed by the detail, thoughts and the accuracy of your sentences.]
Comment 11 Comment by Rufus S on 04 Oct 11 at 4:54pm | Quote this comment
Francis is a really fun man.
Comment 12 Comment by Matthew C on 10 Oct 11 at 4:16pm | Quote this comment
I liked the session especially the painting.

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